Delicacy and Tyranny

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~Mark is still recuperating from his heart attacks and having to build up his strength to get back to full output. But, having done three great shows with some of his most popular guests this week, he's going to shoot for a fourth:

The theme of today's edition is the need for honest public discourse, and the increasing lack of it across the western world. First up is Ben Scallan of Gript on the new Irish "hate speech" bill and its many disturbing aspects, including its intrusions into private reading material and its abolition of the presumption of innocence. Truly, the Emerald Isle is taking a huge step into darkness.

Next up, Yasmine Mohammed returns to the show to consider horrific evidence from Canada that "Child Protection" agencies are so exquisitely sensitive to, ahem, certain groups that they are no longer capable of protecting children.

As you know, this was the week that the anonymous enforcers of the UK state censor Ofcom ruled that Steyn had broken their "rules" yet again - this time over an episode from last October with Naomi Wolf. So Mark feels duty-bound to conclude tonight's show by re-playing Naomi's segment in full.

All that plus Mark's Mailbox. To watch the show, simply click above.

~GB News have decided to prostrate themselves before Ofcom's commissars. Steyn, however, is not taking this kangaroo-court decision lying down, and is suing Ofcom to get them before a real court. Naomi Wolf will be standing alongside him. If you would like to support this important lawsuit against the UK state censor, there are multiple ways to do so, including:

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d) joining Mark and his many special guests on this summer's Steyn Cruise.

In the above cases, a significant proportion of the proceeds go toward the legal campaign - excluding, ie, shipping costs for the book, etc.

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