Buying the Farm

The "niche Canadian" (thank you, The Guardian) returns with the Steyn Show's midweek all-stars - Leilani Dowding, Alexandra Marshall and Eva Vlaardingerbroek - to take the pulse of the planet. If you don't want to watch it on your telephone, you can watch it on your Smart TV with the whole family agog - and you can do both via the ADH TV app.

On today's show Mark kicks things off with an update on recent topics and on his lawsuit against the UK state censor Ofcom in the English High Court. If you're interested in reading Steyn's Statement of Claim, as filed by Gavin Millar KC, you can find that here.

Next up the ladies have their say on an array of topics from the war on free speech to the death of property rights to a return to pre-industrial society.

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