The Disintegration of the "Free World"

Programming note: Mark will be back for Tuesday's Steyn Show at 8pm BST - that's 3pm North American Eastern. Immediately afterwards, Mark and Mister Snerdley, James Golden, will be live on New York radio powerhouse 77 WABC at 4pm Eastern.

~Welcome to a brand new week of The Mark Steyn Show. Today's episode features the return of three favourite guests from around the globe, with different angles on the fast fracturing "free world":

First up is Mark's old boss - and a man who knows what it's like to attract the attention of the dirty stinkin' rotten corrupt US Department of Justice. Conrad Black talks about the latest criminal indictment of his friend Donald Trump, and what it tells us about the health - and, indeed, stability - of the American republic.

Next up is Mark Steyn Cruisemate Eva Vlaardingerbroek on a horror story out of France that hit rather close to home for Mark. He and Eva discuss the underlying dynamics, and what it portends for some of the oldest nations on earth.

Finally our Stats Man Jamie Jenkins is back to look at the ongoing toll taken by the Covid years on British free speech.

All that plus Mark's Mailbox and a salute to Justin's recreation of the War of 1812 in cloud cover. To watch the show, simply click above.

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