When the State Wants You Dead

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On today's episode we welcome back to the show Sheila Lewis - a lady who needs an organ transplant to save her life but is being denied one because she is "unvaccinated". The Supreme Court of Canada has declined to hear her case and, in effect, sentenced her to death.

Also on tonight's show: Ben Scallan on open borders and the death of sovereignty, and Leilani Dowding on Farmer Bill's plans for the rest of us.

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~Today is the first day of the post-Boris House of Commons. If you're a Mark Steyn Club member and you have any thoughts on Johnson's latest resignation from public life and the legacy of his premiership, do leave them in the comments and we'll get to them later in the week in a Johnsonian edition of Mark's Mailbox.

~Either Steyn's lawsuit against Ofcom or his erratic health is doing wonders for five-star reviews of his new book The Prisoner of Windsor. From Canada, Dan writes:

Witty, pithy and worth it. Prescient even.

I listened to the audio episodes first - a long drive above Lake Superior went very quickly. The book is even better as excessive laughter while reading is not a safety hazard.

Thank you, Dan. You don't have to buy the book just to bolster Mark's suit against Ofcom in the English High Court: it's worth it in its own right - as the reviews attest. Aside from The Prisoner of Windsor, however, there are other ways of supporting this very important free-speech case:

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c) joining Mark, Leilani and his other special guests on next month's Steyn Cruise.

As we have noted, the post-Steyn GB News will not be standing with Mark and Naomi Wolf in court. But the "chilling effect" of Ofcom on public discourse is far worse than Canada under Section 13 or Australia under Section 18C, so battle must be joined.

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