Someone Let His Cake Outflank His Reign

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In tonight's special edition of The Mark Steyn Show, we mark the (latest) resignation of Boris Johnson - this time from Parliament, following a damning report by the House of Commons Committee of Privileges, and his own scornful reaction to it. As Mark says, he would prefer that Johnson were toppled not by birthday cake and wine bottles in suitcases but instead by Net Zero and the bungled Brexit. Nevertheless, tonight he revisits his assessment of his old editor on the night of his (original) resignation - as prime minister - with a stellar array of guests: Boris's former patron Conrad Black, historian David Starkey, Kathy Gyngell of The Conservative Woman, the indispensable Steyn Show mainstay Leilani Dowding, and longtime Thatcher speechwriter John O'Sullivan.

Plus our friend Samantha Smith is on hand to assess the Johnson legacy a year after his downfall. All Mark's guests know their subject and all have interesting insights to offer.

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Image~Thank you for all your kind comments on Steyn's brand new book The Prisoner of Windsor, set in London during the Coronation of a not terribly popular monarch. Tom Walsh tweets from New York City:

Reading (and listening to) The Prisoner of Windsor by Mark Steyn @MarkSteynOnline - absolutely hilarious. 5 stars.

Thank you, Tom. The Prisoner of Windsor is available in hardback and digital editions. If you make it all the way to the end, you'll notice there's a promised sequel. Veronica in Auckland thinks she knows what that's all about:

Does anybody else think that 'Rupert Henley' is clearly based on Boris Johnson and that Lady Belinda Featherly (who is a charming, intelligent and actually quite tragic character who has much more chemistry with Rudy than Wendy Rassendyll does BTW) is probably based on a former girlfriend of his, or maybe more than one?

MS moved in those circles at one time so he must be well-versed in the Johnson oeuvre so to speak... just my impression of the characterization anyway. Given MS's low opinion of BJ, it's kind of funny that Rupert/Boris is to get his own book :)

Well, you don't want to get too roman à clef about the dramatis personae, Veronica. At some point, fictional characters have to stand on their own two feet. But we do believe you'll enjoy the premise that kicks off the forthcoming Rupert of Henley (if Mark's health permits him to complete it).

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