A Hundred Years of Hank

Welcome to another edition of Steyn's Song of the Week. Today, we pay tribute to country icon Hank Williams, born exactly a century ago on September 17, 1923. Williams had 55 Billboard Top 10 singles, 12 of which hit Number 1. It's an impressive feat in general, but all the more so for a man whose career was cut short by his untimely death at 29.

As Mark discusses, Williams had a challenging life replete with health and addiction issues, though he nonetheless inspired generations of country artists.

This edition of Song of the Week was filmed aboard the Mark Steyn Cruise before an audience of Mark Steyn Cruisers from around the world, including a few from Williams' birth state of Alabama. First up is Mark's Canadian compatriot Tal Bachman with his take on "Lonesome Whistle." Then, Tal is joined by Lola Aviva for a rousing duet of "Hey Good Lookin'."

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