Finding the Body

On Monday in the pre-trial hearing for Mann vs Steyn et al, Mark told the judge that not allowing Steve McIntyre or Ross McKittrick to testify re Michael E Mann's "hockey stick" would be tantamount to not allowing the detective who found the dead body to testify at a murder trial - yet, that is exactly what Mann's lawyer is asking the judge to do just days from the start of trial in the DC Superior Court.

Fittingly, for this week's Mark Steyn Show, we revisit Mark's full-length panel with the aforementioned bona fide experts Ross McKittrick and Steve McIntyre, plus Anthony Watts of Watts Up With That?, filmed live aboard the Mark Steyn Cruise while sailing Alaska's steaming, boiling inside passage.

All three of Mark's guests are at the forefront of pushing back against Michael E Mann and the warm-mongers.

When we put this up on YouTube a few years back, Google's insecure reducation-camp commissars put up a Planetary Public Service Health Warning under the video. This edition is trigger warning-free.

To watch the show, simply click above.

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