Of Donald and Winston

This was supposed to be Tuesday's episode of The Mark Steyn Show, but it didn't work out that way. Nevertheless, we think you'll enjoy this interview with one of the sharpest minds in America - Dr Larry Arnn, President of Hillsdale College, a great constitutional scholar, and a man with an encyclopedic knowledge of Winston Churchill, gleaned from his days as researcher to Sir Martin Gilbert. Steyn and Dr Arnn discuss everything from who got on the Trump train first to the virtues of written and unwritten constitutions. We hope you like it. Please click to watch:

~Now that CRTV has fired him from his own TV show, Mark is back doing guest-shots on other folks' shows. Please join him tomorrow with Neil Cavuto live at 4pm Eastern/1pm Pacific on Fox News, and immediately afterwards on Fox Business with Liz MacDonald at 5pm Eastern.

~We continue to be touched by the reaction we've received to CRTV's cancellation of the Steyn show. Mark is reeling under a barrage of legal and administrative matters at the moment, but he is reading all your emails and he thanks you kindly for them. There are more comments over at our Facebook page. Viewers have also been forwarding us their responses to CRTV's demand that they explain why they wish to cancel their subscriptions. This one is from L J O'Neale to CRTV's Customer Service:

You asked why I cancelled my subscription:

As I said in my prior e-mail, and as I said over the telephone to your young man, I subscribed only to see Mark Steyn. You cancelled him, I cancelled you. I do not intend to denigrate your other hosts, but I would not pay to watch them, and, in fact, I did not watch them.

And there is some reasonable suspicion that you treated Mr. Steyn shabbily, which neither resounds to your credit, nor brings you any good will. Mr. Steyn's show was the jewel in your crown, and you, for whatever reason, chose to cast it away. So be it, but it is it without my support. I suspect I am not alone in this feeling.

Under these circumstances, I cannot foresee any circumstance that would cause me to resubscribe, or to recommend to anyone else that they should subscribe.

Remember, you asked. Please don't contact me again.


L. J. O'Neale

Herewith a few other letters we've received:

I'm gutted at the loss of my favorite Mark Steyn Show. I rapidly cancelled my CRTV subscription and insisted on a refund. It reminded me of how quickly I pre-subscribed to CRTV within hours of hearing about your forthcoming show several months ago. So please add my name to the list of other disappointed fans whom I've seen on Facebook and Twitter.

FYI, after your section was taken down from the main CRTV interface, I was still able to search certain keywords e.g., 'episode', 'steynpost' and access the content on my android app. Not sure if that is germane or not to what is happening with CRTV but wanted you to know.

I let them know how terrible their customer service has been these past 2 weeks and how their explanations did not make logical sense and that I was certain they were lying to their customers which was even worse than their complete lack of communication about the problems.

I'm especially upset because with each episode the viewer could see the time and love spent in the crafting of each segment. We could see it in the set design and the makeup of the band and the high quality audio and video delivery. But mostly your unique stamp on each chosen guest and interview.

Although your SteynPosts are my favorite I found myself absolutely engrossed with your long-form interviews. They are so rich in content they deserve to be watched several times. But now I can't re-watch and I feel like that is something I paid for but it has been taken away from me. Like so many others, please know if this content (as well as new) were to be made available elsewhere I would very happily pay for the privilege of watching it. You inform and entertain and your strangely-accented voice is one I believe many people rely on to stay grounded and confirm to themselves that they're not going insane. Thank you for all you do.


Alison May
Silver Spring, Maryland


Hi Mark.

I am writing to you as a show of solidarity. I was extremely disappointed to find out that CRTV abruptly cancelled your show. I was incredibly excited when I first heard that you were doing a show on CRTV back in 2016 and signed up for a subscription in December. My wife and I would watch your show when our child went to bed or I would listen to it at work.

Your book, America Alone, was the primary reason why I got involved in the conservative movement back in 2007. As such, I have decided to cancel my subscription to CRTV. I really hope that you find another outlet for your show. You are one of the few mainstream commentators who discusses the demographic transformation of the West, as well as the overall cultural hegemony of the Left.

Looking forward to your next book. The Mark Steyn Show will live on!

New Jersey


Hello Mark,

I loved your shows that were coming on CRTV. I'm very disappointed that you were cancelled. You're interviews and commentary are the best in the business. The variety of your guests was brilliant and I loved the music appreciation you presented.

I first learned of you years ago filling in for Rush and loved listening to you ever since. I hope to find you somewhere soon and I would pay gladly if you get your own network or get on someone else's.

I am very upset with CRTV! It wasn't right that you were suddenly gone. CRTV shows what they thought of their subscribers. My subscription to CRTV expires soon and I probably will not renew.

Jim Reagan
Edmond, Oklahoma



Thank you for your wonderful shows on CRTV.! You were the only reason I subscribed. I will miss your show and now I have a worthless subscription to CRTV. It seems all of the good tv shows go away too soon.


Stuart Brenner
Irvine, California


Hi Mark -

My wife got me the subscription as a Christmas present but the only reason I wanted it in the first place was to watch your show. So today she called and got our money back. I am super bummed though because I thought it was a very smart show, which is rare, and I also really enjoyed the music.

Anyhow thanks for all the effort to try to do something special, I'll go back to just reading your posts and I hope somehow you can make some lemonade out of this thing.

Paul Justice
aka Trumpetdude


Hi Mark,

Terribly disappointed to find out you will no longer be on CRTV. I've emailed them to protest and to request a refund. You're the reason I subscribed.

Keep the faith. Keep writing, I beg you! Between you and Rush, I feel not so alone in the universe.


Debi Fox
Palmer, Alaska



Sorry to see that you are no longer on CRTV. Canceling my subscription. Please keep us posted on your up coming appearances.

Russell and Ellen Steele



I'm very sorry to hear about how poorly CRTV treated you.

I had joined about a month or so ago to watch your show and I thought it was fantastic. I loved the intro to Klezmer music, the Gosnell interview was outstanding (I bought my wife the book), the into where you lampooned Ashley Judd was hilarious, and I loved the snow-covered backdrop of the NH landscape.

I've cancelled my membership to CRTV. Your show was so much more entertaining than any other news opinion show on air right now. Forget the losers at CRTV, you should start your own show, I'll sign up the first day.

Good luck and thanks for all your work defending free speech and western civilization generally.

Jamie Marsh
Stratham, New Hampshire


Your show was so refreshing! The interviews were deep and interesting - not the topical b.s. you get with most hosts. And Mark was extremely well-prepared for each interview.

My CRTV subscription has been cancelled. I signed up because of the Mark Steyn show. I will gladly subscribe to another venue when you are able to arrange that!

Best wishes,

Steve Remis


Dear Mark,

I just checked your website and saw that CRTV cancelled your show. I immediately called CRTV and cancelled my subscription. Your show was the only reason I subscribed. (And I have to say, I wondered why your show wasn't being promoted in radio ads along with Levin, Malkin, and Louder with Crowder.....)

The CRTV receptionist said the reason was "contract expired." I told her that wasn't true; you had a four-year contract. She said that was all the information she had, but I made sure to have her note that your cancellation was the reason for my cancellation!

I consider you the most insightful writer of our times. Thank you and do not be discouraged. This is yet another opportunity for good things.


Peggy Overton