Appropriation and Annihilation

From The Mark Steyn Show, here's an episode from earlier this year that seems rather timely this week.

First up is Mark's response to Meryl Streep et al on their shameful silence when their fellow film-makers and artists are forced into silence, or murdered. The same omerta has descended in response to the extraordinary news that a black Somali woman cannot safely tour Australia.

Second, and also related to the Ayaan Hirsi Ali tour cancellation, Mark talks to the bestselling American novelist Lionel Shriver about "cultural appropriation" Down Under and elsewhere.

All that plus your questions answered in Mark's Mailbox - and the Great Steyn Piano Heist. Click below to watch:

Part Two of Mark's interview with Lionel Shriver will air this weekend. There'll be more of Mark on TV live from New York later this week, starting on Thursday when he joins Neil Cavuto on Fox News at 4pm Eastern.