A Continent in Existential Crisis

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In this episode, Mark talks to Douglas Murray, with whom he last appeared on the tenth anniversary of the Mohammed cartoons in the Danish Parliament. Douglas was much in the news this last week. In the wake of the attack on the Finsbury Park mosque, he was denounced on the BBC as a "hate preacher" - an outrageous defamation which the broadcaster has now walked back. You can see Reeta Chakrabarti's apology on behalf of the Corporation here.

Steyn does not regard Murray as a "hate preacher" but as a humane and clear-eyed observer of the existential tragedy unfolding across the west. In this program, Douglas discusses his new book The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam, published in America this week and which Mark describes as "profound". Steyn and Murray survey a continent in unprecedented demographic transformation, and roam far and wide in their analysis from the East End of London to the Mediterranean refugee camps, from far northern Sweden to the tomb of Charles Martel. We think you'll find this show worth your time. Click below to watch:

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