Apocalypse Deferred

Yesterday there was a rare development in the sclerotic adjudication of the Mann vs Steyn case: the US Supreme Court declined to hear my co-defendants' interlocutory appeal (a six-year waste of everyone's time), so we will now be proceeding to the trial I asked the court to order way back in 2013, before several of our witnesses had died.

So, with climate alarmism on my mind, I thought this would make for a timely edition of The Mark Steyn Show: a full-length climate-change forum before an audience of Mark Steyn Cruisers from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, India, Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere (such as the Czech Republic).

Joining me for the discussion were three people at the forefront of pushing back against Michael E Mann and his fellow warm-mongers: Anthony Watts, proprietor of the world's Number One climate website, WattsUpWithThat; and the dynamic duo that broke Mann's hockey stick, Steve McIntyre and Ross McKitrick.

[Side-note: If you watch this on YouTube, the ever more insecure reducation-camp commissars at Google-YouTube-Global Thought Control Inc have put up a Planetary Public-Service Health Warning under the video. (Why is it only Elizabeth Warren who wants to break up the Facebook/Google uni-cartel?) Have a good giggle at it, and then reflect that at least their book-cooking is getting more inept: An hour after this video was posted, it had 55 likes, yet only 1 view. Hmm...]

Click below to watch:

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