Hits from the Headlines

Audio Recording

ImageOur live music specials have been stymied by Covid, and you wouldn't believe the restrictions placed on studio recording right now. But, in part mitigation, Mark introduced a weekly audio edition of our Song of the Week on The Mark Steyn Show, occasionally featuring special appearances from the singers and songwriters, courtesy of the Steyn archive (since live in-person interviews are now also forbidden). Mark's put a few favorites together in this anthology of Steyn Show songs from recent months - all of them ripped from the headlines. Which is to say we have songs about statues, marching through Georgia, virus-infected felines, and taking the town of Minneapolis.

Mark begins with a few songwriters with whose songwriting you might not be familiar - P G Wodehouse, Frank Sinatra, and a banker from Indiana. Then Ted Nugent joins Steyn to rock it up a bit ...before Mark totally de-rocks Ted's classic song. And we round things out with one of the greatest of all TV themes. Along the way we'll hear musical performances from Artie Shaw, Dinah Shore, Peter Frampton, Ray Charles, Rosemary Clooney, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Sammy Davis Jr, and more.

We hope these forty minutes of music and lyrics are a pleasant break from the civilizational assault all around this Sunday. To listen, simply click above.

For versifying of a different kind, don't forget our Sunday Poems Summer Special.

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If you enjoy these excerpts from the archives with Ted Nugent, there's much more over in our easy-access Netflix-style tile-format music department. You'll find live performances by everyone from Herman's Hermits to Liza Minnelli; Mark's interviews with Chuck Berry, Leonard Bernstein and Bananarama (just to riffle through the Bs); and audio documentaries on P G Wodehouse's songs, John Barry's Bond themes, Simon after Garfunkel, and much more. We'll be adding to the archive in the months ahead, but, even as it is, we hope you'll find the SteynOnline music home page a welcome respite from the woes of the world.