God Bless America

Audio Recording

We have come to the close of this miserable anniversary weekend. You know my feelings on the horrible inert passivity of the official observances, and of the loss of the wider war. But even the Internet cannot live on fecklessness, betrayal and elite contempt alone. So, as a palate cleanser for this wretched occasion, I thought we'd round things out with a musical remembrance and some pure unabashed love of country in a special audio edition of our Song of the Week. To help tell the story of "God Bless America", we'll hear Irving Berlin's great anthem sung by Kate Smith and CĂ©line Dion (courtesy of my friends at Piccolo Studios in Montreal); by the composer himself - and by Congressional leaders, spontaneously, on the steps of the Capitol in the immediate wake of 9/11. We'll explore the song's origins in the First World War, and in a long forgotten ethnic novelty called "When Mose With His Nose Leads The Band".

You will note that a few of those we touch on in this tale have latterly been canceled, some deservedly so (Dennis Hastert), some entirely undeservingly, including Kate Smith herself, booted from their leaden rituals by both the New York Yankees and Philadelphia Flyers. If you still follow these hideous stupid corporatist sports, you're a big part of the problem.

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