Audio Recording

This last week we've been marking the 70th birthday of Paul Simon with a boffo Simon & Garfunkel hit and a big Broadway flop. To round out the observances, here's one of our SteynOnline audio specials featuring rare material from the Steyn archives. In this podcast, Mark talks to the singer-songwriter about his early days growing up in New York. Paul drives Mark round Queens and shows him his childhood home and the supermarket outside of which he first heard Elvis - and he plays Mark the first song he ever wrote. Along the way we'll hear doowop and other favorites of the young music fan, and lots of Simon's own songs, including "Homeward Bound", "The Sound Of Silence", "Kodachrome", "Loves Me Like A Rock", "Late In The Evening", "Graceland" and many more. You can listen to the podcast by clicking above - and join us for Part Two later this coming week.