The Year's at Full, and Time's at Flood...

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Image~Welcome to the second of this season's summer anthologies, in which Mark has put together a quartet of favourite poems, and matched them to some appropriate musical interludes drawn from across half-a-millennium, from Thomas Tallis to Sir Hubert Parry.

The centrepiece of this show is Mark's observance of the centennial of Philip Larkin, with some lines you'll surely know and perhaps some you don't. Steyn also offers three contrasting takes - via England, Ireland and Scotland - on the gloaming. Plus thoughts on the season from Canada and a famous poem that became an even more famous song.

We hope this near hour of words and music provides a respite from the glum state of the world this Sunday. To listen, simply click above.

Thank you for all your kind comments about this series. After last month's show, Steyn Clubber (and Mark's fellow Ontarian) Gail Rothesay writes:

Simply a beautiful presentation of poetry and music. Thank you Mark.

California Clubber Jeff Estes agrees:

Mark, you never cease to amaze. This Sunday poetry is a perfect send-off for my trip to the border. Thanks so much!

Another Steyn Club member, Pat Isom adds:

Oh Mark. Such a delight to hear 'Sumer is icumen in'. One of the essentials from my music appreciation classes. Great to hear the words which get lost among the polyphony. You are a much more complete music presenter. Love ya and your family. Pat

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