Court in the Act

June 26, 2022

Audio Recording

Programming note: Today Mark joins the great Joe Piscopo on his Sundays with Sinatra show, live on 77 WABC in New York from 6pm to 8pm Eastern - Steyn checks in after seven, but the hour beforehand will be well worth your time.

Welcome to this week's Hundred Years Ago Show. June 1922 continues with explosions in Dublin, and talk of an Irish civil war. A prince dies in Monte Carlo and in Japan, and an open door proves fatal in Berlin. Plus all the other headlines from bucketing to the Balfour Declaration (American-style) - and the sounds of the era from Nora Bayes to Al Jolson. Click above to listen.

The Hundred Years Ago Show began in the first few weeks of lockdown as an occasional feature on the audio edition of The Mark Steyn Show. It proved so popular that it's now a stand-alone show every Sunday at around this time. Steyn Clubber James Teichroew says:

I very much enjoy the show. Always a highlight of the week or month! Thanks for this great and timeless program.

Thank you, James. As with our audio adventures, video poetry and musical specials, we've created a special Hundred Years Ago home page in handy Netflix-style tile format to enable you to set your time machine for the precise week or month you're in the mood for. We also have a tile-format page for The Mark Steyn Show, lest you should miss it on your telly every Monday to Thursday in primetime.

The Hundred Years Ago Show is a special production of The Mark Steyn Club. As we always say, Club membership isn't for everyone, but, if you're interested, you can find more information here.