A Caliph Departs

November 12, 2022

Audio Recording

Welcome to this week's Hundred Years Ago Show. If you enjoy this weekly presentation, please note that I'll be doing The Hundred Years Ago Show live during the 2023 Mark Steyn Cruise - along with many other favorite features from SteynOnline and The Mark Steyn Show. More details here.

November 1922 continues with the Royal Navy escorting the ex-Sultan of the Ottoman Empire into exile. But is he also an ex-Caliph?

Also on today's show:

~Election irregularities in Michigan?

~Germany tries government by experts.

~And are the Japanese entitled to white privilege?

Plus all the other headlines from Broadway to the Bosphorus - and the sounds of the era from Nora Bayes to George M Cohan. Click above to listen.

Thank you for your kind comments on The Hundred Years Ago Show. Simon Arnold, a Steyn Clubber from Scotland, writes of last week's arsenic-laden confectionary edition:

If I could find a Walnut Whip it would probably cost around $1 or more, not as tasty...

Great show, as always.

Somewhere along the way they did ever so slightly change the formula of a Walnut Whip, Simon. But not as much as they've changed the formula of, say, the British Conservative Party or the Church of England. So in that sense the Walnut Whip has survived the last century better than most British icons.

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