Pharoahs, Caliphs and Emperors

November 19 2022

Audio Recording

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November 1922 continues with a new Caliph in Constantinople, an old Pharoah in Luxor, an absent Emperor in the bridal suite, and a lot of dead prime ministers in Greece.

Also on today's show:

~Racist Democrats and Republicans reaching across the aisle.

~Broadway's boffo dance team.

~And the execution of a bestselling novelist...

Plus all the other headlines from Dublin to Dolomite - and the sounds of the era from Irving Berlin to Al Jolson. Click above to listen.

Thank you for your kind comments on The Hundred Years Ago Show. Josh Passell, a First Weekend Founding Member of The Mark Steyn Club, writes of last week's Sultan Mehmet VI, reduced to fleeing Constantinople with just two of his eunuchs:

I wondered why the Sultan/Caliph needed eunuchs in his retinue of refugees, until I remembered the White House Press Corps, and it made all the sense in the world.

Indeed - although Washington's seems a somewhat ostentatious retinue of eunuchs, Josh.

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