The Twenty Years Ago Show

November 26, 2022

Audio Recording

ImageSteynOnline was born on Thanksgiving 2002, and we're celebrating all weekend long, including with this special edition of our Hundred Years Ago Show - whose time machine ran out of gas this weekend a mere two decades into the past. So, for one week only, it's The Twenty Years Ago Show. If you're one of the many naysayers who deride Mark's squaresville taste in music, you'll be relieved to hear that instead of playing Al Jolson and George M Cohan today he's loaded with Eminem and Ludacris! But, as we said, for one week only.

November 2002 not only saw the birth of SteynOnline but also the birth of the US Department of Homeland Security. We shall leave it for another day to ponder which of these institutions has perverted its original mission the most. Aside from that shake-up in the federal government, 9/11 still loomed large, with consequential UN resolutions, jihadist attacks around the map, and some reflections on the theme from Bruce Springsteen.

Also on today's show:

~Vicious Royal canines and randy Royal footmen.

~Michael Jackson's baby is livin' off the wall.

~And rumors of a mysterious new virus in China...

Plus all the other headlines from New York to Nigeria - and the sounds of the era from Usher to Tatu. Click above to listen.

Also to mark SteynOnline's twentieth birthday, there's twenty per cent off everything at the Steyn Store - and we're getting back in the cruise biz. If you enjoy this weekly presentation, please note that I'll be doing The Hundred Years Ago Show live during the 2023 Mark Steyn Cruise - along with many other favorite features from SteynOnline and The Mark Steyn Show. More details here.

Thank you for your kind comments on our anniversary. Jan Schiebout, a First Week Founding Member of The Mark Steyn Club, writes:

Congratulations on another year of sanity with SteynOnline! Thanks so much for making available all things Steyn! I appreciate them more than you know.

Thank you, Jan. We stagger on - with more content than ever before at this website. As with our audio adventures, video poetry and musical specials, we've created a special Hundred Years Ago home page in handy Netflix-style tile format to enable you to set your time machine for the precise week or month you're in the mood for - especially if you find The Twenty Years Ago Show grimmer than our time travels.

The Twenty Years Ago Show is a special production of The Mark Steyn Club. As we always say, Club membership isn't for everyone, but, if you're interested, you can find more information here.

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