Stark Truths

April 13, 2020

Audio Recording

Happy ongoing Passover - and Happy Easter Monday to various of our listeners in the Commonwealth and Europe. Welcome to the first edition this week of the self-isolated socially distant quarantined curfewed sheltered-in-place Mark Steyn Show with an audio Coronacopia of news and comment, plus a few other diversions, including quarantine conversion therapy, another Brit wanker copper, a jolly "Girlfriend in a Coma", the Jew who put one over the Spanish Inquisition, and training your pets to go "Allahu Akbar!"

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~It was a busy weekend at SteynOnline, starting with the Good Friday edition of The Mark Steyn Show. For Easter, our offerings included the tale of a great church now silent, a movie on the meaning, and a song for the season. In non-Easter content, Kathy Shaidle opted for sometime Steyn fan Oliver Stone's JFK, and Mark's Sunday song selection went with words of wisdom from Paul McCartney's mum. Our marquee presentation was the newest entry in Mark's series of Tales for Our Time - this tale being all too horribly timely, A Journal of the Plague Year by Daniel Defoe. Steyn Club members can hear Mark read Part Twenty-One here, Part Twenty-Two here and Part Twenty-Three here. Part Twenty-Four airs this evening.

If you were too busy getting jailed for being found in possession of a non-essential Easter egg, we hope you'll want to check out one or three of the foregoing as a new week begins.