From Covid to Canceled

August 7, 2020

Audio Recording

Welcome to a special edition of The Mark Steyn Show, marking our fiftieth programme since we launched this series as the world lurched into lockdown for two weeks to "flatten the curve", and then staggered on to an unchurched Easter, a parade-less Memorial Day, a Canada Day with trigger warnings on the Canadian flag and a not so Glorious Fourth with Columbus, Washington and Francis Scott Key being toppled from their pedestals.

In today's edition Mark presents an audio kaleidoscope of the spring and summer of this very weird year culled from all fifty shows, with pertinent vignettes from America, Canada, Britain, Australia, France, Turkey and above all China. From lockdown to looting, it's all here, including Basement Joe, Moistly Justin, the Statuesque Macron, and of course favorite features from this series such as Your Celebrity Corona Victim of the Day, Your Monday Mohammed, Your Brit Wanker Copper of the Day, Strike Down the Brand, Statue of the Night - plus, from "Kung Flu Fighting" to "I'm Transwoman (Hear Me Roar)", all the hits.

Click above to listen.

Tom Platten has been a member of The Mark Steyn Club since 2018, but only on Tuesday did he click the "Play" button:

Wow this is the first time I have listened to the show. Exceeded expectation!

Well, we're not sure what took Tom so long, but, on the assumption that there are others yet to take the plunge, today's aural collage of 2020 is a good way to sample what Mark's been doing in this series. We hope Tom will want to prowl around the archive and catch up with some of the shows he's missed: the news is the news, but plenty of our other features are timeless - including Steyn's weekly song and poem, Last Call, The Hundred Years Ago Show and more. For fans of his poetry feature, Mark will be back with a summer special on Sunday.

On the other hand, if you've heard every show to date, we still think you'll enjoy this 2020 cavalcade as a way of taking stock, and figuring out where this bizarre year is headed next.

Please join Steyn this evening for the latest episode of his new Tale for Our Time - a contemporary inversion of a classic, The Prisoner of Windsor.

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