Public Enemy Number Ten

On Tuesday's Mark Steyn Show Mark started with the news that serial partygoer Boris Johnson is now under investigation by Scotland Yard.

He then interviewed Päivi Räsänen, a former Finnish Minister of the Interior currently on trial in Helsinki for quoting the Bible. Afterwards he unveiled a new Steyn Show feature, "Tomorrow's Conspiracy Theory Today", connecting the Prime Minister's father to some monkeys in Pennsylvania, and he rounded out the hour with an attempt to make sense of Ukraine.

All that plus your comments and questions. Please click below to view the full show:

~Happy Australia Day to all our viewers, listeners and readers Down Under. Mark did his now traditional January 26th observances on last weekend's Clubland Q&A. But he is pleased to see the formerly Lucky Country is marking its national holiday by taking seriously his suggestion last week that Tony Abbott should run for the leadership of the UK Tory party:

Steyn noted that you don't have to be born in the United Kingdom to be British Prime Minister. You can be a citizen of the (British) Commonwealth. Hence Steyn's reference to the (apparently forgettable) Canadian Andrew Bonar Law, a British PM in the 1920s... The main problem for the Steyn thesis is that the Tories probably wouldn't actually want to be led by a conservative, alas. Even if they had one.

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