Just Another Conspiracy Theory...

Wednesday's Mark Steyn Show began with news of another conspiracy theory looking more and more plausible: Was America offshoring yet more "gain of function", this time to Ukraine? After yesterday's exchange in the Senate, Hans Mahncke joined Mark to discuss.

Next up was Kathy Gyngell on being bounced from Twitter over Ivermectin, and Noah Carl on The Guardian's analysis of loss of liberty these last two years.

To close out the hour, Inna Sovsun returned to the show to update us on some of the horrific scenes from today in Mariupol and elsewhere.

All that plus your comments and questions along the way.

We should warn you that the show is a technical fiasco from start to finish. We would not have thought it possible for the London crew to have done a worse job than they did a few weeks ago, but they did: the audio is terrible, and the entire slate of graphics and clips was bollocksed. We apologise, especially to Mark's guests, who shouldn't have to put up with this rubbish, especially Miss Sovsun in her Ukrainian bunker.

Click below to view the full hour such as it is:

UPDATE! It's no longer the full hour. GB News Digital has reduced it to a few minutes, cutting out the entirety of Kathy Gyngell's comments on Ivermectin and almost all the opening on Victoria Nuland's remarks about US-funded bioresearch labs in Ukraine falling into Russian hands. We have no idea whether these have been cut because of the technical meltdown in the "control room" or for other reasons, but we will see what can be done.

UPPERDATE! It's back:

Mark will be back later this evening for the conclusion of his latest Tale for Our Time.

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