A Nation Once Again

UPDATE: Please note that, due to an emergency, Mark will not be hosting our usual Friday Clubland Q&A today. We apologise, and will reschedule it later.

ImageOn the Thursday edition of The Mark Steyn Show we started with this summer's coming attraction - the monkeypox - and a few of the unusual news stories nobody seems to want to connect the dots of. Our first guest, Dr Aseem Malhotra, then considered the relationship between Big Pharma and Big Government.

Next up was Leilani Dowding on the Black Lives Matter scam, and we rounded out the hour with Scots unionist Neil Oliver and the possibility of English secession from the United Kingdom.

All that plus your comments live as it happens. Click below to view the full hour:

~We're marking the fifth birthday of The Mark Steyn Club. Gareth Wigmore, a Steyn Clubber from the English Midlands, notes one of the side-benefits of membership:

I am one of those Club members who has learned with a great interest that music actually existed before David Bowie. It has been quite a shock to me.

Steady on, Gareth: We quite like the young Bowie who wrote the original English lyric for "My Way". Whatever one's tastes in such matters, we hope our First Fortnight Founding Members from May 2017 will want to re-up for a sixth year, and the launch of our second half-decade. Click below for some special anniversary observances:

Revisiting some pertinent questions and answers from 2017
with Tal Bachman, Greg Ham, Douglas Murray and Lindsay Shepherd
The second of our stand-alone weekly editions

~If you've missed a Mark Steyn Show in recent weeks or recent years, you can find all our shows from the last six months and many highlights from the archives in a handy Netflix-style tile format here. Make the most of them while you can because, as Mark mentioned on air tonight, he's now under investigation from Ofcom. And apparently you're not meant to disclose publicly that you're under investigation from Ofcom...

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