Release the Monkeypox!

Programming note: On Tuesday Mark will be back with his old EIB comrade Bo Snerdley (aka James Golden) on New York's radio powerhouse 77 WABC live at 4pm Eastern. That's immediately after The Mark Steyn Show live on GB News, at 8pm BST/3pm North American Eastern.

Monday's Steyn Show started where we left off on Thursday - with the monkeypox, and the first national quarantine (Belgium) just in time for Klaus Schwab's Spectre board meeting in his hollowed-out Swiss Alp. Afterwards, Alexandra Marshall joined Mark to discuss the Australian election.

Next up was Jasmine Birtles on the weird disruptions to every aspect of the food supply, followed by Andrew Lawton on the ground in Davos.

We rounded out the hour with Sue Cook and her thoughts on the terrible wrongs done to vaccine victims.

All that, plus your comments and questions in real time. Click below to watch:

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