Naomi Wolf on Covid and Control

Mark is still recuperating from his heart attacks and having to build up his strength to get back to full output. Having done three great shows with some of his most popular guests this week, he's retreating back to his iron lung for a long weekend. However, he will be here on Friday in audio only for another Clubland Q&A taking questions live around the planet at 3pm North American Eastern/8pm GMT.

As you know, this week Steyn was found guilty by the UK media regulator Ofcom for breaking its "rules" last April. GB News has decided not to appeal Ofcom's decision, but Mark is most certainly going to, in order to get the censorship arm of the British state before a real court. There remains one outstanding Ofcom investigation, of a show from late last year in which Steyn conducted a short interview with a ferocious dissenter from the Covid propaganda, bestselling author Naomi Wolf. Miss Wolf is also disinclined to take Ofcom's partisan media censorship lying down.

So we have something special to round out the week, something that in the present censorship climate could not be seen on GB News or any other UK TV channel: Steyn and Miss Wolf in an in-depth interview about how the war on Covid turned into a war on freedom.

To watch the show, simply click above.

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