A Vax Update

Last summer Mark was the first presenter on mainstream broadcast TV to host a one-hour special on victims of the Covid "vaccines". He hoped it might encourage other outlets - the BBC, CNN, NPR, CBC, ABC in Australia - to do the same.

That has not proven the case, so on tonight's Mark Steyn Show Mark is presenting a follow-up on various aspects of the vaccine scandal. We start, as we always do, with the victims of this horror: Claire Hibbs, who was on our first special, returns to the show to reveal how sorely traduced she has been by government bureaucrats presuming to know better than her own doctors.

We then move on to the medical, political, media and statistical aspects of this ever expanding horror. Andrew Bridgen, one of the few members of the British Parliament even to raise the issue, reflects on what happened to him, with dizzying speed, as soon as he did so. And our stats man Jamie Jenkins examines the industrial scale "disinformation" that the highly partisan media "regulator" Ofcom allows to go entirely unpunished.

Following his heart attacks, Mark is not as mobile as he should be, so we are grateful to his friend Leilani Dowding for stepping into the breach and catching up with paediatrician Ros Jones and cardiologist Aseem Malhotra on the streets of London. We may make this a regular feature: Leilani at Large.

To watch the show, simply click above.

~Our first vaccine show aired on GB News. It is depressing to realise that the channel would not get behind any such broadcast today. Conceding to the UK state censor Ofcom more editorial control than required by law doesn't seem to be working out for the station. Yesterday (Sunday afternoon) they were at one point down to 300 viewers. Fortunately they were able to rally, and an hour-and-a-quarter later were back up to four figures - 1,000 viewers. The wretched cowardice of its management is killing the channel.

~If you're wondering what happened to our Monday edition of Mark's Mailbox, because of this special, that will air as part of Tuesday's Steyn Show.

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