Stout-Hearted Women!

From their various countries, continents and hemispheres, Eva, Leilani, Alexandra and Mark are en route to Trieste, where the 2023 Steyn Cruise will begin on Friday - and on Saturday on the Adriatic all four will be together on stage for the very first time.

Our midweek trio are among the breakout stars of The Mark Steyn Show. Eva is a Dutch legal philosopher, Leilani is a former Miss Great Britain, and Alexandra is the online editor of The Spectator Down Under. But together they make one unmissable show come Wednesday night.

So, in this edition, Mark revisits the best of his all-stars since we adopted this format. All the big-picture issues are here - from Covid and the vaccines to the war on farming, the great migrations and the abolition of the sexes. If you've only gotten to know the Misses Dowding, Marshall and Vlaardingerbroek in recent weeks, we think you'll enjoy this grand retrospective. Click above to watch.

~If you haven't yet seen Steyn's appearance on The Megyn Kelly Show, do take a look: You won't regret it. The Mark Steyn Show will return with a brand new edition tomorrow.

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Image~Speaking of The Prisoner of Windsor, set in a strange land that may nonetheless seem oddly familiar, Mark's satirical fancy continues to pile up five-star reviews around the globe. From CL Red, an American reader, at Amazon:

Laughed and nearly cried-such a genius plot! But also, what we are losing is a tragedy beyond words.

Please keep writing-it isn't possible to know the future, but there is hope when humor can live -God Bless America and Great Britain.

Indeed. If you'd like to immerse yourself in that "genius plot" and you absolutely can't live without your full-price hardback being personally inscribed, that we can do.

However, if you disdain Mark's John Hancock, Amazon is selling the book at a discount - and the shipping will be rather less, too. Likewise, if you order from Amazon Canada. (An alternative option north of the border: for a hardback direct from the University of Toronto Press, click here.)

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