Steyn in the Dock, Part Three

UPDATE! Just when you think the District of Columbia court system can't get any worse, they do: The Steyn team landed at Washington Reagan National Airport on Sunday afternoon to discover the judge has decided to postpone today's trial. Mark will have more to say about this on Monday morning.

In today's special video presentation, we hear directly from Mark Steyn, under oath and under direct questioning by Michael E. Mann's lawyer...

To watch Part Three, simply click above and enjoy. Part One can be seen here. Part Two here.

Mark Steyn Club members may access the audio version here.

We are now just a few days away from trial in the District of Columbia Superior Court. It is expected to last three plus weeks and is a huge undertaking.

For those so inclined, may we suggest purchasing your very own limited edition SteynOnline Liberty Stick - and help support Mark's case against the fraudulent "hockey stick" graph created by the litigious Michael E. Mann.

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Each stick will be signed and numbered by Mark himself. The stick measures 2 feet long and is made in the USA.