The Interrogator

We've been deluged by requests to post favorite episodes of The Mark Steyn Show here at SteynOnline. So here's a first one - Mark's recent interview with the man who waterboarded Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: James E Mitchell. In an extended conversation about his new book Enhanced Interrogation, Dr Mitchell talks about getting to know some of the world's most high-value terrorists - and what happened to him when his own government decided he was the problem.

We think you'll find this a very compelling discussion, so please click to watch:

There'll be more from The Mark Steyn Show later this week. If you prefer Mark in audio only, he was on the radio Monday, guest-hosting The Rush Limbaugh Show, and he'll be back on the airwaves later this week with Robert Davi, who comments:

@CRTV made a monumental mistake in taking off @MarkSteynOnline he is a RARE BREED who understands THE STRATEGY OF politics & culture

For more of Robert, in a more mellifluous mode, see here.

~Ever since CRTV boss and "student loan billionaire" Cary Katz killed The Mark Steyn Show, we've been enormously touched by all your kind emails about the show and what it meant to you. It meant a lot to Mark, too, and we hope to find a new home for it, this time on a real network. There are more comments over at our Facebook page, and many CRTV subscribers continue to forward us their own responses to the company. Here's what Allison Coates told them:

I was promised a year of Mark Steyn for my year long subscription to CRTV. Given that you had me enrolled for Mr. Steyn longer than you even showed him, I want all of my money back now.

Steyn's show was excellent, and improving in excellence. I know you've done a great disservice to Mr. Steyn and your subscribers. Please respond with how you will be crediting my account and a confirmation number. I expect to receive such notice immediately, and funds returned to me within the week.

Allison Coates

We can't print all the thoughtful emails we've received, but we do read them all, and we'll print a selection of them every now and then, just to give you a flavor. Herewith today's sampling:

Dear Mark,

Just found out your show is gone. So shocked! And to find out they left you holding the bag for payroll and production costs!!!

Your show was the only reason I subscribed. Your show is the BEST, most original and most refreshing on the media, period. Love the class-act interview of authors which educates us of fresh perspectives. Love the music, love your suits.

CRTV is nothing much without Steyn Show. Please please take your show somewhere. You have a loyal fan base.

Cindy Chan Phillips, RD


Dear Mark,

I'm very sorry to see that CRTV has dropped you from its line-up. Your show was the best thing on CRTV, and one of the best pieces of 'full-spectrum dominance' entertainment I've seen for years.

I've cancelled my CRTV subscription with immediate effect. I don't know what CRTV were thinking: this apparent bait-and-switch is no way to build up a devoted clientele.

Will you be taking your marvellous show to a different venue?

Toby Gettins



They've cancelled, and so have I.

Andrew Porter
Melbourne, Victoria


Hi Mark

I was looking forward to watching your future shows with my son. They have been excellent. I am so very disappointed.

The interviews were especially good. Watched two or three times each. Loved The Forgotten Man and the Edith Piaf segments.

I would readily pay to have you continue. As a fellow Canadian I have to say good luck and keep your stick on the ice.

George Horne
Barrie, Ontario



Just wanted to say I was extremely disappointed when CRTV cancelled your TV show. I enjoyed it very much.

I cancelled my subscription to CRTV. Please find another venue to produce the show. I would very much like to see you on TV again soon.

Josh H.


Logged into CRTV tonight WTF

No MARK? subscription cancelled.

Of course a good song and dance man, such as yourself, knows the show must go on... right!? Our family will be saving our subscription fee for the next, newer, "BIGGER & BETTER (non-CRTV) Mark Steyn Show"

Love ya Mark,

Troy and Jenny
Portland, Oregon