The Safe Harbour?

Minutes after Mark came off the air yesterday, Canada's House of Commons voted to pass resolution M-103 on "Islamophobia". He will have more to say about this in a brand new edition of The Mark Steyn Show next week.

Meanwhile, continuing our series of interviews with Conservative Party leadership candidates, in this latest episode Steyn talks to Lisa Raitt, Minister for Transport and Labour in Stephen Harper's cabinet, and before that the first female harbourmaster - or harbourmistress - of a Canadian port. For Tory members nervous about taking a chance on Maxime Bernier or Kevin O'Leary, Ms Raitt is said to be the safe pair of hands they're looking for. She talks to Mark about the family secrets of her Nova Scotia childhood, economic issues versus social issues, and a memorable moment with a friend across the political divide. Click below to watch:

This is the third of a series in which Mark interviews the man or woman who may be the next Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition. You can see his conversation with Kellie Leitch here, and with Maxime Bernier here. And don't forget that Steyn's former piano-playing imam Andrew Lawton will be moderating a Tory candidates' debate tonight, Friday, in Komoka.

~Look for Mark off-camera but in audio this weekend at SteynOnline - and join us for a special Canadian edition of The Mark Steyn Show next week. For more from The Mark Steyn Show, on everything from Islam and climate change to donnybrooks and seaweed wraps, see here.