La Vie en rose

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ImageWelcome to another presentation from our Serenade Radio series of Steyn's Song of the Week.

After today's first round of the French presidential election (we will decode its meaning with Anne-Élisabeth Moutet on Monday's Mark Steyn Show), I thought it would be appropriate to have something a little Gallic.

So in this show I tell the story of Édith Piaf and what was, at the time, a most unPiaf song. Along the way, we'll also hear a variety of vocalists from Gracie Fields to Grace Jones - and a live performance of the song from the great Patsy Gallant, who also recalls her own childhood encounter with Piaf.

To listen to the show, simply click above.

~Thank you for your enthusiastic and insightful comments about this series. Randy Inlow, a First Fortnight Founding Member of The Mark Steyn Club, writes:

I remember, I and several members asking for your Serenade programs to be available to members, on demand. You gave a clear admonition about the value and anticipation of appointment radio. Ever since, I have made appointments each Sunday morning and/or evening (West Coast), and sometimes I have to hurry, or drop what I'm doing to make that appointment. The shows are excellently produced and stories and interviews are informative and fantastic.

It is amazing the number of songwriters you have interviewed over the years. Before you entered my world I was long fascinated with songwriters who recorded their own compositions. Some are good, some not, however, it is enjoyable to hear their interpretations.

Your musical interests are among my favorite aspects of SteynOnline. You produce so much content, I can't keep up, however, your Netflix style organization on the website, means I can get to it eventually. Thanks for all you do.

Thank you, Randy. Glad you feel the appointment's worth keeping.

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