Disinformation unto Death

Programming note: On Tuesday Mark will be back with his old EIB comrade Bo Snerdley (aka James Golden) on New York's radio powerhouse 77 WABC live at 4pm Eastern. That's immediately after The Mark Steyn Show live on GB News, at 8pm BST/3pm North American Eastern.

Monday's Steyn Show started where we left off on Thursday - with the dawning realisation of what the last two years of rule by "experts" hath wrought. Kelly Hatfield and Joe Ward, two of the many bereaved by the vaccine, joined Mark to discuss.

Even as they were talking, the evil totalitarians at Instagram were removing a clip of Charlotte Wright's appearance with Steyn. Apparently, the fact of Charlotte's widowhood is "disinformation".

Next up was Laura Perrins, who has noted a curious coincidence: The cost-of-living crisis is ushering in all the stuff the eco-warriors want us to do anyway - drive less, use less power, wash our clothes by hand...

We rounded out the hour with Baroness Hoey and a somewhat cooler assessment of the Shinners' electoral triumph than you may have seen elsewhere.

All that, plus your comments and questions in real time. Click below to view the full show:

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