Gammon Geddit!

ImageSteyny is back on the briny! Steyn Show favourites from three continents will be joining the Ofcom-convicted Thought-Criminal for the 2023 Mark Steyn Cruise - among them Eva Vlaardingerbroek, James ("Snerdley") Golden, Leilani Dowding, Michele Bachmann, Alexandra Marshall, John O'Sullivan, Dominique Samuels, Andrew Lawton and Tal Bachman - and with no vax/test requirements whatsoever. You can find more details here.

~On today's Mark Steyn Show we begin with Mark's monologue on a favourite passage from Tocqueville that seems more and more relevant as the years go by. Next he welcomes self-described "Chief Gammon" June Slater to the show for her take on the big picture - after which our stats man Jamie Jenkins returns to ponder why, long after the rest of the west has abandoned its Covid-era requirements, America remains such an outlier. All that plus Mark's Mailbox, a retroactive Brit Wanker Copper of the Day - and a heartwarming magical Disney finale!

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~Thank you for all your comments re yesterday's special on Britain, Brexit and Betrayal:

Superb discussion of the total & quite deliberate failure of @Conservatives to honour the biggest democratic vote in this country. @benhabib6 should be PM, @CatharineHoey an admirable envoy for NI & @PhelimMcAleer 's wit was boundless!

If you've yet to see the show, you can find it here.

Thank you also for your support for Steyn re last week's Ofcom conviction. Mark intends to get this matter before a real court at the highest level, and he will have more to say about that in the days ahead. He stands on the truth of what he said, and rejects Ofcom's feeble and transparently politicised "justice".

~Eva, Leilani and Alexandra return for the midweek edition of The Mark Steyn Show, tomorrow Wednesday at 8pm UK time - which, for this week only, is 4pm North American Eastern/1pm Pacific.

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