A Winter's Tale

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Last week on telly I talked to Mike Batt, the prodigious multi-talent - composer, lyricist, singer, conductor, arranger, orchestrator, novelist, poet, artist... We chewed over his big Christmas hit for The Wombles, "We Wish You a Wombling Merry Christmas" (not to be confused with Cary Katz and Blaze TV's "We Wish You a Cockwombling Merry Christmas"). But we didn't get to discuss his other great seasonal song.

So here's a reprise from half-a-decade back of a special video edition of Steyn's Song of the Week, in which I'm joined by Mike's co-writer, one of the most successful lyricists of our time, the multi-Oscar- and Tony-winner Tim Rice.

Tim doesn't write a lot of lyrics that aren't for films and stage shows. But this one became a Top Five single for the team of Batt & Rice, even if the finished record didn't come out quite the way Tim intended, as he explains. So Mark invited Tim's chum and sometime Chess star Emma Kershaw along to sing "A Winter's Tale" with its correct rhymes, and previously unheard third verse:

"A Winter's Tale", by Mike Batt and Tim Rice, was arranged for Emma and the band by Kevin Amos.

I'm delighted to say that Miss Kershaw will be back with us a little later this Christmas season.

The great Clive James, whom I miss so much, enjoyed the above - well, except for me.

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