New Boss, Same Old Same Old

Programming note: Mark will be back for Tuesday's Steyn Show, live at 8pm BST - that's 3pm North American Eastern. (US and Canadian viewers may find the replay more convenient: that screens at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific.) Immediately afterwards, Mark and Mister Snerdley, James Golden, will be live on New York radio powerhouse 77 WABC at 4pm eastern.

Monday's edition of The Mark Steyn Show brought news of the King's second prime minister in his not yet two-month reign. Toby Young and Patrick O'Flynn joined Mark to discuss. The political class may wreck everything they touch, but they certainly know how to take care of their own, as vaccine victim Vikki Spit was eager to point out.

Sir Christopher Chope returned to the show to reflect on today's debate on the Covid vaccines at Westminster, and, just to remind us there are things far more important than new prime ministers, Yasmine Mohammed closed out the hour with some thoughts on the ongoing torment of English girls by Muslim rape gangs.

All that plus your comments and questions along the way. Click below to watch:

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~We had a busy weekend at SteynOnline, starting with our Clubland Q&A and some big questions on recent events and the accelerating flight from normality. On Saturday The Hundred Years Ago Show offered our weekly sense of perspective with a brand new prime minister in Downing Street but a looming election. Our weekly movie date found Rick McGinnis in a pre-Halloween mood, while Steyn's Song of the Week celebrated a quintessentially American song. Our marquee presentation was a Steyn Show special edition on one of the few inspirational news stories of this last year, with Mark in extended conversation with Andrew Lawton about the heroic Canadian truckers.

If you were too busy this weekend plotting to overthrow next month's prime minister, we hope you'll want to check out one or three of the foregoing as a new week begins.

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