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Steyn's Song of the Week

The Glory of Love

We're honored to present another live-performance edition of Mark's Song of the Week:

If you saw singer/pianist Carol Welsman do "As Time Goes By" as our Sunday song a few weeks back, you'll know that she can freshen up the most familiar standard. So we're thrilled to have Carol back with her splendid arrangement of "The Glory of Love", accompanied by the Steyn house band. And do scroll down for Mark's own take on this enduring, indestructible song.

To enjoy Carol Welsman's live performance, simply click below:

Carol Welsman was...

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Mark at the Movies

Keeping His Hand In

Martin Landau died a week ago at the age of 89. He was a versatile actor who connected less often than he should have with the perfect part, but, when he did, there was none better. In the late Sixties, he was a TV fixture on "Mission: Impossible", playing the most watchable character Rollin Hand, a master of disguise who could pass himself off as almost anyone. It was a fun role for Landau, and created for him (the name of the part in early scripts was "Martin Land") and his particular talents: half the time, to make it even more enjoyable, they had him play the guy he was meant to be impersonating, too...

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Ave atque vale

The Son of the Man who Put the Saud in Saudi Arabia

Steyn on the spawn of Ibn Saud, both in the nursery and geopolitically

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Steyn on Culture

Lutey Tunes

When the Warsaw Philharmonic strike up, all the US media hear is "Old Shep"

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On the Town

Dads - on-screen, on-stage, and off

Mark talks to Jack Lemmon about doughnuts and drama

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Tales for Our Time

The Eloi, the Morlocks ...and Us

Our second Tale for Our Time is a sci-fi classic from 1895 by H G Wells: Mark introduces and reads the first part of The Time Machine set in the year 802,701, but feeling much closer to home...

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