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Pretending It's Normal (cont)

Nothing to see here, says the colossus of Conservative Inc...

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Steyn's Song of the Week

Sixteen Tons

You know who loved this week's song? The late Antipodean polymath whom I miss so much - Clive James:

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Mark at the Movies

The Passion Of The Christ

The Gospel according to Mel...

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Shaidle at the Cinema

Pather Panchali

Upon the centenary of Satyajit Ray, we present our late friend Kathy Shaidle's take on his 1955 classic Pather Panchali...

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Steyn on Culture

The Prisoner of Windsor

A remote fantastical kingdom far from Europe's chancelleries of power... An unpopular monarch on the eve of his coronation... A ruling class of plotters and would-be usurpers... ...and a gentleman adventurer on holiday. No, not Ruritania in the nineteenth century, but the United Kingdom in the twenty-first...

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The War on Free Speech

The Illegal Acts of Ofcom

Steyn files his second suit against the UK state censor Ofcom...

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Ave atque vale

No Joke

Milan Kundera died in Paris this week at the grand old age of ninety-four. In recent years, his novel The Joke was never far from Mark's side...

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The Bachman Beat

Tal Bachman: Cancelled by Popular Demand: My Final Rugby Installment

Tal Bachman wraps up his epic series...

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Laura's Links

The Virtues of Disconnecting

Laura Rosen Cohen rounds up the Internet...

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Rick's Flicks

Behind Enemy Lines: One of Our Aircraft is Missing

Rick McGinnis on a Powell & Pressburger classic...

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