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The Years We Wasted

Shameful and dishonorable ways to lose a war...

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One Year Ago

The Scale of Humiliation

The first anniversary of the Fall of Kabul...

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Five Years Ago


from The Spectator, October 19th 2002 An appeaser, said Churchill, feeds the crocodile in the hope that it will eat him last. But sometimes the croc eats him first anyway. For months, the US, Britain and Canada had warned the Indonesian government about terrorists operating within its borders. So had Singapore and Malaysia. President Megawati's administration responded by calling Washington anti-Muslim. The American ambassador was publicly denounced by her vice-president. Hassan Wirayuda, the foreign minister, said in February that the outside world's fears of Islamic terrorism in Indonesia were overblown and that in Jakarta 'we laugh at it'. Ha-ha. From government contacts to police indifference, the administration's strategy was to deny ...

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Ten Years Ago

The Sinking of the West

The tenth anniversary of a rather too obvious bit of symbolism...

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Seasons of Steyn

"This Will Kill That"

Mark presents a special Easter Tale for Our Time featuring selections from Victor Hugo's Notre-Dame de Paris...

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Request of the Week


Dear Mark, Can you please republish some of the funniest columns from the late 1990s when Clinton sex jokes were all the rage and you once wrote about Monica's dress in the witness protection program? Best wishes, Tom Hernandez MARK SAYS: Well, I think we reprised the Monica's dress column a few months back, but in honor of the demise of the Hillary campaign and with it the hopes of a Clinton restoration, how about my grand summation of the Administration? This is the way things seemed in the week it ended seven years ago. And don't forget, the SteynOnline Request Of The Week now appears midweek. Drop a line requesting a favorite column or even a favourite column here. An A-to-Z of the 42nd Presidency from The Spectator, January 13th 2001 ...

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