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It's Kim's World. We Just Live in It.

Speaking of North Korea, we were subject to a denial-of-service attack yesterday. But from Iran. Who says there's no axis of evil?

At any rate, if you experienced difficulties with our home page and various other corners of the site, we apologize for the inconvenience. I'm happy to say, as we hit those last-minute Christmas shopping days, that the retail end of the SteynOnline cornucopia withstood the assault and remained open for Yuletide business. But there's gonna be a lot more of this in the years ahead. And whether the Internet as we know it will survive is an open question.

~I've spent much of the last couple of days on the radio with some of my favorite interviewers. You can hear how my take on the Sony/Kim Jong-Un showdown developed as the scale of Hollywood's capitulation became clear...

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On the Air

Frankincense, Myrrh, and Goldfinger

It's getting close to the wire for Steyn fans in Tuvalu and the Cook Islands, but we're still busy shipping our Christmas specials at the Steyn store, and we'll continue to ship until our New Hampshire post office closes on Christmas Eve. The [Un]documented Mark Steyn, one of Politico's Top Ten Bestsellers, is our bestselling item this holiday season. Our second most popular item is Mark's new CD Goldfinger. Mark joined Brian Lilley at Sun News on Thursday to discuss the album and other musical ...

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Jeb Tide

Jeb Bush has announced the formation of a committee to explore a run for the Presidency. He therefore becomes the first official all-but-candidate of Campaign 2016, ahead even of the designated President-in-Waiting, Hillary Clinton. So this March headline appears to have come true: Influential Republicans Working To Draft Jeb Bush Into 2016 Presidential Race For a while now I've told interviewers that I doubt Hillary will be the Democrat nominee - because she's a terrible candidate and ...

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Countdown to Christmas

Walking in an Undocumented Wonderland

From north of the border, Rob Rheaume spotted the alarming juxtaposition at right in his local bookstore and wondered:

What's that idiot doing next to Mark Steyn?

My best guess is: 20% off during Intense Stare With Beard month at Indigo? If so, I hope you'll favor my tome over Russell Brand's in your last-minute Christmas shopping. The [Un]documented Mark Steyn isn't just for pogonophiliacs. It's also one of Politico's Top Ten political bestsellers. And as Rush says in The Limbaugh Letter, it's ...

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Nutcrackers and Gay Apparel

For some reason, both nutcrackers and gay apparel came up while I was guest-hosting The Rush Limbaugh Show today. You can find a few highlights here. But we also discussed the other news of the day, including the CRomnibus fiasco in Washington, we also looked at the fallout from Sony's supposedly "edgy" comedy about Kim Jong-Un, and the siege at a coffee shop in Martin Place in Sydney that ended with the death of yet another Islamic lunatic but also two of his hostages. I'll have more to say ...

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Steyn on America

Emasculated and Enkindled

The problem with a victim culture is that so many people want to join the ranks of victimhood that eventually you run short of oppressors. As I say in my new book (personally autographed copies of which make a Christmas gift your loved one will cherish forever), Elizabeth Warren is the whitest white since Frosty the Snowman fell in a vat of Wite-Out, but a dubious claim to be one 32nd Cherokee was enough to persuade Harvard Law School to promote her as their first "woman of color". No wonder so ...

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Mark's Mailbox

That Interstellar Feller

Readers weigh in on blockbuster movies and lackluster law suits

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Mann vs Steyn

Football and Hockey

The Corner post that launched a lawsuit...

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Defend Free Speech!

Norks Nix Yanks' Pix

I was barely aware of The Interview until, while sitting through a trailer for what seemed like just another idiotic leaden comedy, my youngest informed me that the North Koreans had denounced the film as "an act of war". If it is, they seem to have won it fairly decisively: Kim Jong-Un has just vaporized a Hollywood blockbuster as totally as if one of his No Dong missiles had taken out the studio. As it is, the fellows with no dong turned out to be the executives of Sony Pictures.

I wouldn't mind but this is the same industry that congratulates itself endlessly - not least in its annual six-hour awards ceremony - on its artists' courage and bravery. Called on to show some for the first time in their lives, they folded like a cheap suit. As opposed to the bank-breaking suit their lawyers advised them they'd be looking at if they released the film and someone put anthrax in the popcorn...

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Steyn on Australia

I Wish That Bird Would Fly Away...

The "self-styled" Sheikh Haron, the latest member of Local 473 of the Amalgamated Union of Lone Wolves, was dispatched to meet his virgins shortly before I went on air to guest-host for Rush at Ice Station EIB. The details of the siege at the Lindt coffee shop in Martin Place in Sydney began trickling through over the next three hours on the radio. First, one hostage was reported to have been killed; then, another; and then we learned their age and sex, a 34-year-old man and a 38-year-old woman ...

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Steyn's Song of the Week

All I Want For Christmas Is You

All this month at the SteynOnline Song of the Week we're marking some big anniversaries of landmark Christmas standards - the 75th birthday of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, the 70th birthday of "Baby, It's Cold Outside". But even the new songs are showing their age: "All I Want For Christmas Is You" turns 20 years old this Yuletide. So this week Mark celebrates the occasion with a special audio edition of Song of the Week that tells the story of this Christmas hit and includes his own ...

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Mark at the Movies

Christmas in the Trenches

For almost the entirety of this century, I've been touched by the emails I receive this time of year from US, Canadian, British and other troops spending Christmas in such unfestive climes as the Hindu Kush and the sands of Araby. Seasonal soldiering is tough on the warriors, and on their families back home. For our Saturday movie date this week, here are a few Yuletide movie moments with a military theme: The best "White Christmas": The quintessential Hollywood Christmas image is homesick ...

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Five Years Ago

Climate of Corruption

In the last week or so, we've been marking the fifth anniversary of Climategate's fascinating glimpse into how the science got settled. The subordination of the scientific method to ideological goals is well summed up by the headline of Matt Ridley's column - "Policy-based evidence making": As somebody who has championed science all his career, carrying a lot of water for the profession against its critics on many issues, I am losing faith. Recent examples of bias and corruption in science are ...

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