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The Forbes editors seem to be operating on the curious belief that if you shove an obscure Canadian has-been into the headline it's suddenly a must-read. I am apparently to Forbes sales as putting a Kardashian on the cover is to People. So far this week:

History Says Tom Cotton And Mark Steyn Shouldn't Be Confident About Intervention In The Middle East


A British Equity Story So Bullish That It May Even Make Mark Steyn Optimistic

In next week's Forbes:

Kate's Baby Unlikely To Be Named Mark Steyn

~Also in the news, Mike Pearl at Vice is eagerly contemplating my downfall:

I can't claim I know how this lawsuit is going to shake out, but one possible outcome is that Steyn might suddenly have to, say, publicly apologize to his arch nemesis, Michael Mann, and then write him a huge check.

That sh*t would be hilarious. And I would feel great about it...

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Ten Years Ago

Probate Court Death Panel

Terri Schiavo died exactly a decade ago - March 31st 2005 - a fortnight after her feeding tube was disconnected by order of the court. I found the idea of a probate judge sentencing persons to death deeply unsettling - and that was at a time before Mann vs Steyn and other matters made me personally aware of the appallingly low quality of jurists. The hospital ceased feeding Mrs Schiavo on March 18th and settled back to watch her spend two weeks starving to death. Here's what I wrote in The ...

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Seasons of Steyn

Lighting Out for the Territory

My book Lights Out takes its title from a famous observation by Sir Edward Grey, the British Foreign Secretary, as he looked out of his window at London at dusk on the eve of the Great War: The lamps are going out all over Europe. We shall not see them lit again in our lifetime. Lights Out is about free speech (you can order personally autographed copies here, or the new eBook version at Amazon et al), and thus relevant to my current battles against the Big Climate enforcers. But let us not ...

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Topical Take

Git Along, L'il Harry

The news that Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid will not contest the next election and has decided to ride that lonesome trail into the sunset of lobbying and consulting naturally reminded me of the great man's finest hour...

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The Hugh Hewitt Show

Everyone's An Ally. (Except Israel.)

Mark and Hugh discuss the unraveling of the Middle East and the intentional destruction of Germanwings Flight 9525

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Pilot Terror

Post-9/11 security designed to keep the bad guys out kept the bad guy in

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Steyn on America

Bowe Jest

A year later, officialdom catches up with Steyn's assessment of an American deserter

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Mann vs Steyn

Football and Hockey

The Corner post that launched a lawsuit...

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Steyn's Song of the Week

A Foggy Day (In London Town)

ImageSinatra sang a lot of Gershwin over the years, but if you had to name the most important "Gershwin song" in his book it would probably be "The Gal That Got Away" - words by Ira Gershwin, but music by Harold Arlen. He made a terrific record of it when the song was new, and then returned to it a quarter-century later to make it - in a medley with "It Never Entered My Mind" - the last great saloon-song sequence to be added to the Sinatra act.

But a lot of George Gershwin tunes stayed with him to the end, too...

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Mark at the Movies

Dressed for Success

So the other night I was watching the second movie in the RED series, which is like the semi-thinking man's Expendables, and reckoning what fun it was to see a great serious actress like Helen Mirren mixing it up with an action star like Bruce Willis. And then I thought: "Hang on, when did Helen Mirren become a great serious actress?" Well, somehow she did...

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Defend Free Speech!

Just the Facts, Mann

It's almost three years since I wrote a 270-word blog post about the corruption of the investigative process at Penn State under a university president since indicted and facing 20 years in the slammer for obstruction of justice and child endangerment. Michael E Mann, creator of the "global warming" hockey stick, didn't care for my post, and sued for defamation - and here we all are. Neither Mann nor I live or work in the District of Columbia, so I assumed that, having airily assented to his venue-shopping and chosen to accept the case, the DC courts would be capable of adjudicating the matter. Little did I know that, in the dank toilet of DC justice, they can, on the one hand, have two trial judges simultaneously ruling on the same case while, on the other hand, be entirely unaware of whether their own anti-SLAPP law is appealable and thus require a decision from the Appeals Court on whether the law is appealable before the appeal can be appealed.

What larks...

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On the Air

Same Tune, Different Song

Mark makes his first appearance on BBC Radio 4 in 18 years

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