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The Lonesomest Mann in Town

Yesterday marked a not unimportant court deadline in the upcoming Mann vs Steyn trial of the century, and I wouldn't want to let it pass without comment. Ever since this tedious suit was launched by Doctor Fraudpants in defense of his global-warming hockey stick, Michael Mann's supporters have insisted that it's not, as I and my fellow defendants have insisted, about free speech. Instead, as they see it, it's about science finally fighting back against a sustained assault by Koch-funded ...

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Och Aye the Now!

As a postscript to my comments on Thursday's referendum and my Sunday Telegraph column from 17 years ago, a commenter over at has turned up some throwaway observations of mine on contemporary Scotland: The Scots are almost everywhere you go – every corner on the planet, anything that's worth it, doesn't matter whether you're talking about banks in Hong Kong or rubber plantations in Malaya or the Canadian Pacific Railway, everywhere you go on the planet was built by Scots. And you ...

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Steyn on Britain and Europe

Kingdom Come, Kingdom Go

A somewhat intemperate Philadelphia Tweeter called Christopher Reynolds spent his breakfast time trying to catch my eye: @DanHannanMEP@MarkSteynOnline Steyn,your libertarianism in the USA is a joke now that I see your really a no to freedom#YesScotland And a few minutes later: @MarkSteynOnline You cry liberty and freedom while at the same time rejecting the real-life implementation of such in Scotland#YesScotland As far as I'm aware, I haven't expressed an opinion on the referendum in Scotland, ...

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Topical Take

The Varispeed UK: All Exceptions and No Rule

It has taken a mere 17 years for Tony Blair's devolution proposals to bring Scotland to the brink of secession. Here's what I wrote at the time in The Sunday Telegraph on July 27th 1997: The new devolved Parliament would have complete budgetary and administrative control over health, education, social services and the law. External affairs, international trade and defence would remain with the Government of the entire Kingdom. As you'll have guessed, I'm referring to the Prince Regent's ...

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Steyn on America

Coalition of the Unwilling

I was overseas when Obama gave his momentous Isis address, but figured I could pretty much guess how things would go. Despite being the greatest orator of the last thousand years, he's a complete bust at selling anything but himself, as comprehensively demonstrated in his first couple of years: see his rhetorical efforts on behalf of ObamaCare, or Massachusetts Senate candidate Martha Coakley, or Chicago's Olympics bid. When it comes to war, he suffers from an additional burden: before he can ...

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Mark's Mailbox

Once More Into the Striped Hose...

Another week of lively letters from SteynOnline readers

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Steyn's Song of the Week

Can't Take My Eyes Off You/The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore

Bob Crewe, who died last week, is best known for his work with the Four Seasons, not least because in fictionalized form he turns up on stage each night in the Broadway blockbuster Jersey Boys. Kathy Shaidle dispensed with this aspect of Crewe's career in one line: "I don't care a rat's ass about the Four Seasons." Rat's-ass-wise, I'm with Kathy. Nothing against them, and, if you like "Big Boys Don't Cry" and "Sherry" and "Walk Like A Man", then you certainly owe a debt of gratitude to Mr Crewe ...

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Mark at the Movies

Triumph of the Will

Eighty years ago this week, the National Socialist Party had just wrapped up its hugely successful rally at Nuremberg - the Reichsparteitag des Willens, or Rally of the Will. Unlike previous get-togethers, the 1934 rally produced a hit movie, one that cinéastes still watch with appalled fascination to this day. Its creator was a brilliant cinematographer and editor who could compose and edit anything - except, in the end, her own life. If only she'd been able to snip one problematic decade out ...

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Defend Free Speech!

Michael E Mann Repudiates His Own Hockey Stick

One of the complicating factors of the upcoming Mann vs Steyn trial of the century (for which our exclusive courtroom merchandise is the must-wear look of the season) is that, as devoted climate courtier Aaron Huertas puts it, there are a lot of hockey sticks out there. So self-conferred Nobel Laureate and Big Climate enforcer Michael E Mann is at pains to emphasize that, when you rumble with Doctor Fraudpants, you'd better have your sticks in a row. From page 13 of his most recent court pleading with regard to my co-defendants at the Competitive Enterprise Institute...

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Mann vs Steyn

Football and Hockey

The Corner post that launched a lawsuit...

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