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A Se'nnight of Steyn, April 27-May 3

Mark is unwell, and in enough pain as it is without additional excruciating agony from prolonged exposure to Hillary campaigning, urban looting, the appalling behavior of anti-Charlie Hebdo novelists, the return from the grave of Canada's censorship law, the British election debate or any of the other high spots of the week. However, before he took to his sick bed, he did comment on a few things making the news:

~The week began with a cash-for-Cankles update: the Clintons somehow managed to wangle a $100 million finder's fee for facilitating the transfer of one-fifth of US uranium into the hands of Vladimir Putin. For most presidential candidates, this would be an unhelpful revelation, but apparently not for Hillary.

~Elsewhere, Mark found time to round-up his views on the prospective UK criminalization of "Islamophobia", Bruce Jenner, and - just in time for Baltimore - Ferguson: The Play.

~Our Sinatra Centenary song this week was a great ballad Frank recorded four times in four different decades: "Everything Happens To Me."

~As global warm-monger Michael E Mann's defamation suit against Steyn chugs toward the start of its fourth year, Mahmoud Abbas' son came along to gut the relevant law, as Mark saw it - or possibly not, according to Popehat.

While we're waiting for the Mann vs Steyn trial to get started, there's no better way to while away the global-warming "pause" than by reading Climate Change: The Facts, featuring Mark and some of the world's most eminent scientists with a cool appraisal on the state of the climate debate. The paperback keeps flying off the shelves at Amazon, but, if they're temporarily out of stock there, you can always order it direct from the SteynOnline bookstore - and get it personally autographed by Mark.

Or you can be reading it within 90 seconds via Kindle, Nook at Barnes & Noble, or Kobo at Indigo-Chapters in Canada and around the world.

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Patients and Panderers

With each passing day, last week's visit by Julie Bishop, Aussie Foreign Minister, to the offices of Charlie Hebdo seems more and more like some strange dream - or glimpse of an alternative universe where the inheritors of western civilization are not a bunch of spineless grovelers frantically trading core liberties for multiculti delusions. Six days on, Miss Bishop is the exception that proves the rule:

Canadian author Michael Ondaatje is among a group of at least six writers who have withdrawn from next month's PEN American Center gala, citing objections to the literary and human rights organization's honouring the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

Ondaatje is the guy who wrote The English Patient. He's not the only bigshot pulling out:

Much of the literary community rallied behind Charlie Hebdo after the shootings, but some have expressed unhappiness with its scathing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad and other Muslims.

Francine Prose, a former PEN American president, has also withdrawn.

"I was quite upset as soon as I heard about [the award]," Prose, a former PEN American president, told The Associated Press during a telephone interview Sunday night. Prose said she was in favour of "freedom of speech without limitations" and that she "deplored" the January shootings, but added that giving an award signified "admiration and respect" for the honoree's work.

A few years ago, during my battles with Canada's "human rights" commissions and the Canadian Islamic Congress, Ken Whyte, the publisher of Maclean's, called me up and asked if I could see my way to coming to Ottawa for some "world press freedom" thing. I said I was a misanthropic type who lived in a cave in New Hampshire precisely in order to avoid having to go to these kinds of events. But Ken said the committee were very anxious to salute us for standing up for freedom of speech and all that, so I said yes, and Maclean's paid big bucks for a table, and starry colleagues like Paul Wells and my editor Diane de Gayardon de Fenoyl and the rest of the gang were corralled into showing up. And lo and behold, come the big day, the committee decided to salute some other fellows entirely. Afterwards, I was chit-chatting with one of the grandees when someone came up and asked him what it would have taken for them to honor me and Maclean's. And he looked thoughtful and said, with an amused twinkle, "Well, maybe if the Muslims killed Mark..."

I'm glad no one took him up on the offer. As we now know, for Michael Ondaatje, Garry Trudeau and many more, even that won't do it.

~In Britain, meanwhile, the assault on free speech is relentless. The control-freak lunatics of Her Majesty's Constabulary are now criminalizing hashtags. In a pitiful attempt at last-minute pandering, the Labour leader Ed Miliband has told Muslim News that, if he wins next week's election, he will "outlaw Islamophobia". Douglas Murray observes:

If Ed Miliband does become Prime Minister and chooses to make 'Islamophobia' illegal would he mind letting us know what he thinks 'Islamophobia' is? After all a 'phobia' is an irrational fear. The Charlie Hebdo staff were often called 'Islamophobes' before (and after) two Islamists went into their magazine's office and shot most of them in the head. If there is such a thing as 'Islamophobia' and it is indeed an 'irrational' fear, would Ed mind telling us whether it was 'rational' or 'irrational' of the Charlie Hebdo staff to be fearful of elements of Islam? An answer before 7 May would be helpful.

Indeed. A fear of Islam is highly rational: just ask those PEN novelists who don't want to go to any awards ceremony honoring Charlie Hebdo.

Douglas Murray has pledged, if Labour emerges triumphant next week, to test the new law immediately by organizing a conference on Islam, and daring the Miliband regime to drag him into court. I would be honored to participate at such a conference.

~As the world now knows, Bruce Jenner came out as a transitioning transgender woman and also came out as a Republican. The latter proved a closet too far:

hi Bruce Jenner. you had me, until you said you were a republican. you're a stupid f*ck.

So says Tweeter Del Stamp.

Can we make Bruce Jenner the GOP presidential nominee? He seems a sensible sort, as far as one can tell. Most Republicans do their "transitioning" between the November election night and the first "bipartisan" thousand-page omnibus bill the following January. I'd be happy to have a guy who's got it out of the way beforehand. If I understand him correctly, Mr Jenner, after completing his transition, intends to continue dating women. So he would be the first female transgender lesbian president. If that's what it takes to beat Hillary, let's go for it. Real hope, and real change.

~SteynOnline's political coverage, Mann vs Steyn trial-of-the-century previews and Sinatra centenary observances all briefly converged the other day when Philip Casnoff walked out of rehearsals for the first production of Ferguson - The Play. Twenty years ago, Tina Sinatra picked Casnoff to play her dad in the TV miniseries Sinatra. I can't say I recall having seen him in anything in the decades since, but Phelim McAleer evidently saw what Tina saw in him and put him in his new play. Mr Casnoff appears to have been expecting the Ferguson drama to be the usual hands-up-don't-shoot hooey. When it dawned on him that it wasn't, he and his fellow cast members skedaddled out of there faster than Michael Ondaatje at a free-speech rally.

Phelim is a multi-talent - documentarian, feature filmmaker and now playwright. A couple of months back, he and his wife Anne McElhinny somehow found time to fly in for a rather tedious court date in the unending Michael E Mann defamation suit. I introduced them to my lawyer, Dan Kornstein, whose clients include King Michael of Romania, and so, as we were waiting for the hearing to get going, we talked, as one does, of various dispossessed Balkan royals we had known. My publicist was a bit befuddled by the conversational topic, but I did my best to include her: "Don't be shy, jump in. You must have a Montenegrin crown prince or two you've run into."

Phelim is a fearless chap, as I noticed when he helped himself to the jug of water reserved for plaintiff's counsel. And, although he was still re-casting his play on Friday, I had no doubt the show would go on. It opened, as scheduled, on Sunday:

An audience member came over to the two men and shook Goldreich's hand, telling the actor: "Just powerful. When I believe that person is the real person, then I know they've done a great job."

The cast controversy was a fundraising boon for McAleer, who is backing the play through an online crowdfunding site. He issued a public request for more donations after claiming that the actors' requests to change the script were tantamount to censorship.

After news broke of the actor walkouts, an anonymous donor gave McAleer's project $25,000, and as of Monday morning, the writer had raised a total of $97,312 for the project. McAleer says he wants to take the production to New York City and to Ferguson itself.

There's a few days left if you'd like to help with the funding. I would love to see this play on the Great White Way, but off-off-Broadway will do. Mr Casnoff, like Mr Ondaatje and Mr Trudeau, thinks "artistic freedom" runs only in one direction. It doesn't, and I'm glad Phelim McAleer is here to remind us of that.

~Whoa, is this becoming a stampede?

About a dozen Native American actors have walked off the set of an Adam Sandler movie comedy, saying the satirical Western's script is insulting to Native Americans and women...

In the future, there will be no plays, no novels, no jokes - nothing that requires the spark of a free spirit. But you will be encouraged to engage in forced guffaws at state-certified humor:

I am determined to make the most of every moment I have left. After the midterm elections, my advisors asked me, 'Mr. President, do you have a bucket list?' And I said, 'Well, I have something that rhymes with bucket list.' (Laughter and applause.)

Take executive action on immigration? Bucket. (Laughter.)

New climate regulations? Bucket. It's the right thing to do. (Laughter and applause.)

Just a reminder. My new book The [Un]documented Mark Steyn has a section on last laughs - and it's more timely than ever. Personally autographed copies are exclusively available from SteynOnline - and will help to ensure I'll be able to afford some A-list QC when Ed Miliband pulls me up on aggravated Islamophobia.

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A Se'nnight of Steyn, April 20-26

Mark was out on the airwaves last week promoting the official Earth Day launch of Climate Change: The Facts. More details below.

Meanwhile, in case you missed it, here's how the rest of the week looked to Steyn:

~The week began with one of Alexander Pope's several contributions to the Hit Parade.

~On Monday, The New York Times and Newsweek reported on the Clinton scandals - no, not the old nickel-and-dime Clinton scandals from the Nineties, but bazillion-dollar planet-girding 21st-century Clinton scandals on a scale beyond the old Ozark hucksters' wildest dreams - scandals involving Kazakhs, Putin, uranium and cash-for-Cankles access, as Mark discussed on the radio with Hugh Hewitt.

~On Tuesday, Steyn's favorite foreign minister, Australia's Julie Bishop, was in Paris, and chose to visit the offices of Charlie Hebdo, bearing a far better message than #JeSuisCharlie: "Love your work."

~Wednesday was Earth Day, the official launch of the North American paperback edition of Climate Change: The Facts. While Bill Nye the Science Guy was bigging up his carbon footprint on Air Force One, Steyn spent the day talking climate with Bill Bennett, Joyce Kaufman, Sean Hannity and others. Whether because of Mark or all the eminent scientists among his co-authors, Climate Change: The Facts has proved surprisingly popular on the climatology charts.

~On Thursday, Steyn marked the day of England's patron saint with some thoughts on St George and the new dragon - and an English ballad from the Sinatra songbook.

~Friday was the one hundredth anniversary of the Gallipoli landings, and, as dignitaries gathered for the special Commonwealth service in Turkey, Mark pondered the words of A P Herbert: "To man a trench and live among the lice..."

For our Saturday movie date, Steyn picked The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

As mentioned above, Earth Day saw the official North American paperback launch of Climate Change: The Facts. Listen for more radio interviews with Mark in the days ahead. And don't forget, you can pick up a personally autographed copy of the book direct from the SteynOnline bookstore - or if can do without Steyn's John Hancock, you can order it direct from Amazon in print or digital format.

A new week at SteynOnline begins tonight with our Song of the Week.

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Fighting for Everyday Americans, and Everyday Uranium-Dealing Kazakhs

It turns out that, while we were all worrying about the mullahs' nuclear program, the Clintons' nuclear program was going gangbusters. Kazakhquiddick dominated the conversation on my weekly chat with Hugh Hewitt:

HUGH HEWITT: I'm looking at an extraordinary article – Cash Flowed To Clinton Foundation As Russians Press For Control Of Uranium Company. It's by Jo Becker and Mike McIntire from today's New York Times. It's almost unfathomable that Hillary Clinton would consider running for president after this article comes out, but what say you, Mark Steyn?

MARK STEYN: Yes, I agree. And I like Elizabeth Warren, and I want her to run. And when I say 'like', don't get me wrong - I think she would be a disastrous president for this country, and she would want to turn it into a socialist basket case. But she believes in something, and she wants to do something. And Hillary Clinton is an entirely hollow creation. She is basically just an empty vessel in which the dodgiest characters on the planet pour money in return for favors. And I regret to say her daughter is becoming much the same kind of thing, too. Her daughter's joined the family on stage with this Kazakh oligarch and all the rest of it. In fairness to Bill Clinton, he likes chasing nymphettes - he's the only Clinton with a human characteristic...

HH: Now I don't want to overstate the complexity, but in a nutshell, Russia has cornered the world uranium market.

MS: Right.

HH: They have done so through acquiring huge uranium resources in Canada and the United State subject to review by the State Department was given, and Bill Clinton pocketed a half million along the way, and the foundation picked up two and a half million bucks from interested parties...

I think I've mentioned before that, for a while, the US Department of Labor used to call up my assistant once a year and demand to know whether we "worked with uranium". And once in a while they'd insist on speaking to me personally and I'd say, "Hmm. Let me have a think on that. Did we use any uranium in my Christmas disco single? No, wait, that was bongos..."

And, when they'd gone away, I used occasionally to wonder how many American businesses the vast federal bureaucracy had to harass before they got a positive response to that question. But it turns out that, if the Department of Labor were to call up the Clinton Foundation, which Hill's impressionable rubes seem to think is something to do with reducing diarrhea outbreaks in Africa, and ask them, "Do you work with uranium?", the answer is yes.

On the radio, I made one of my very rare interruptions of Hugh - because the big cynical American lawyer guy was for once sweetly naĂŻve enough to think that there is an actual thing called the "Clinton Foundation" that does "foundation"-type work:

HH: I'm going to ask after the break, Mark Steyn, Lindsey Graham, whether or not Senate hearings are in order, because I want to know if Iran has given money to the Clinton Foundation. Honestly, at this point…

MS: Well wait, but just a minute, Hugh, there is no 'Clinton Foundation'... The only purpose of this foundation is to enable this family to lead the lifestyle of a head of state after it has ceased to be head of state. They spent $70 million dollars on travel at the Clinton Foundation. By comparison, the entire Royal Family, to fly between their various realms - the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, that's a lot of air miles - the entire Royal Family in one year spent $7 million dollars. So in other words, the Clintons have ten times the airplane costs of the Royal Family, who are heads of state of dozens of bits of real estate around the world. The Clinton Foundation is a hollow shell foundation playing the usual shell game with U.S. taxation. There's no need for a Clinton Foundation except for them to rake in money from Kazakhs and Ukrainians and Iranians and Saudis and everybody else...

HH: Well, let me ask you. There are two questions. Which is more transparent – the Windsor or the Clinton family? And which is less tacky – the Windsors or the Clintons?

MS: Well, one can make arguments about the last point, but the House of Windsor is certainly, the House of Windsor is certainly more transparent. You can go to I think it's, and the Lord Chamberlain who runs the Queen's Household posts every itemized bit of travel. So if you were to ask the Queen, if you happened to be meeting the Queen and you happened to say why did Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Gloucester, spend $700 dollars getting from Calgary to Bermuda in 2009, she'll give you a straight answer. Whereas if you ask a similar question to Hillary Rodham Clinton, she'll say 'Oh, well, these are just more distractions from the right-wing Koch-funded media, and I'm just here to talk to everyday Americans as long as they've undergone a background check and have been pre-screened so that it's safe for me to pretend to interact with them...'

HH: I'm stunned. You are actually saying the House of Windsor is more transparent than the House of Clinton?

MS: Yes, because the one advantage of a real monarchy, Hugh, is that it comes in-built with a certain amount of chippiness. So for example…

HH: (laughing)

MS: …when the Duke of Cambridge and his lovely bride were in Canada a couple of years ago, and the Canadian press was going 'why do we have to pay for these pampered, disgusting royal deadbeats? what's it costing us to have to grovel in form in front of them?' ... and a master-corporal with the Royal Canadian Air Force revealed that she'd splashed out, she'd gone to the mall, and bought a $128 dollar comforter set for the Duchess of Cambridge's bed. And she said it was such a bargain at, you know, whatever branch of Wal-Mart she got it at, it was such a bargain that she bought one for herself. So you can know that the Duchess of Cambridge is sleeping on a $128 dollar comforter set from Wal-Mart, but you can't, but the Clinton Foundation, which is just a kind of big octopus sucking in through its various arms and legs money from all over the planet, if you ask Hillary about that, then she just sails by as if she's Cleopatra.

It was a pale blue-and-white comforter from the mall in Trenton, Ontario. And you'd never get Chelsea Clinton to sleep on that. If this sleazy uranium'n'jailbait operation is returned to the White House, the republic is over.

You can find the full interview with Hugh here.

~I'll be back on the radio next week for more interviews re Climate Change: The Facts. That's the new book featuring me and some of the world's most eminent scientists on the state of the climate debate - and it's currently Number One on the Climatology Hit Parade, and also Number One on the Environmental Policy Hot 100.

On the other hand, serial litigant Michael E Mann's new book is nipping at our heels at Big Hit Sound #511,770.

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The Science is Settled!

I've had a fun time out on the Earth Day airwaves talking about Climate Change: The Facts. That's the new book featuring me and some of the world's most eminent scientists on the state of the climate debate as we prepare to enter the third decade of the global-warming pause. And I'm thrilled to find that the book is currently Number One on the Climatology Hit Parade, ahead of Naomi Klein, Naomi Oreskes and any number of Naomis, and also Number One on the Environmental Policy Hot 100.

If this keeps up, in the forthcoming Mann vs Steyn trial I may call myself as an expert witness.

My sincere thanks to everyone who's bought this important new book. The turn-of-the-century cartoon science of the hockey stick is over, and it's time for climate science to make a new start.

On the other hand, serial litigant Michael E Mann also has a new book out whose Earth Day orders have rocketed it up to Big Hit Sound #1,920,648.

~I had a grand time, as I always do, with Joyce Kaufman on the radio in Florida - shortly before Air Force One descended from the heavens bearing President Obama and Bill Nye the Science Guy for their Earth Day photo-op. Breitbart News have part of our conversation here:

"I would love it on Earth Day if a Republican candidate said 'you know what, I'm going to mothball Air Force One. Because since 9/11, every single American has to be degraded when they go to the airport at Miami, or Atlanta, O'Hare, LAX, and shuffle shoeless through this long line like a refugee camp, have corrupt TSA agents poking around in their underwear - on the basis that if they do that, every single commercial flight is safe. And if it's safe, then the political class should be on there too'" he stated. And "I'd vote for the first guy who said 'I'm mothballing Air Force One. And — I'm going to be a real citizen executive again.'"

Steyn continued, "the idea is that Obama needs the plane, and Bill Nye the Science Guy needs the plane, and Leonardo DiCaprio needs the plane. But you don't need the plane, cause you're just a schlub and you can be standing on the street when it's pouring with rain and waiting for the number 37 bus…because you don't need it, but Leo DiCaprio, and Obama, and Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Al Gore, and all the other big shots, they need it, but you don't, you can be on the bus."

More from my chat with Joyce here.

~Earlier I spoke to my old friend Michael Graham in Atlanta. You can find the interview here - click the April 22nd show, and I'm about 45 minutes in. We got detoured into bestiality - as often happens when Michael and I get together, but usually later in the evening and after a few more beers. In this case, it was the remarkably close vote by the Danish parliament to ban bestiality. So lots of mordant cracks about Great Danes, etc.

~By the way, Climate Change: The Facts, isn't just at Amazon outlets around the world. If you prefer Barnes & Noble or (in Canada) Indigo Chapters' respective digital formats, you can be reading it in the next 90 seconds.

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When Charlie Met Julie

I wrote on Saturday about my favorite foreign minister, Julie Bishop, and compared her fashion choices for meeting President Rouhani with her fashion choices for meeting with me. So it's only fair to note her visit on Tuesday to the offices of Charlie Hebdo:

Ms Bishop said it was a "love your work" gesture.

"We see satire as an integral part of French society," Ms Bishop told the staff as she presented the cartoon. "Satire is controversial, it's provocative, it offends all religions, all political parties, nothing and no-one is spared. (It) is a counter-balance against power."

Ms Bishop said she admired the stoicism and courage of those who worked at the magazine, and those who had come to work there since the tragedy.

The cartoon was a "expression of sympathy and admiration from the people of Australia", she said.

So up yours, Garry Trudeau.

I was very touched by what the minister said about me on stage in Perth, but I was even more touched by what she said to the surviving editorial staff at Charlie Hebdo. I mentioned in that Trudeau post an upcoming engagement I'm doing on the Continent later this year and how I couldn't understand why they'd asked me - until I remembered that everyone ahead of me on the invitation list is either dead or in hiding. So the symbolism of what Julie Bishop chose to do is valuable and important - and stands in splendid contrast to the hollow pomposity of John Kerry and his stooge James Taylor.

And "Love your work" is a better expression of solidarity than "#JeSuisCharlie".

~Laura Rosen Cohen writes:

HRC was a prize speaker for Jews till she kissed Suha Arafat. OMG, can you imagine kissing someone who had kissed Arafat?!? GAH.

In fairness, I don't think Suha kissed Yasser that often. If you know what I mean.

~A reader drew my attention to this:

Here's the transcript:

Milan: It made me think of this as a Canadian conservative–

[call dump]

Savage: I'm not a fan of Mark Steyn, and I don't appreciate him using PR agents like you to push him…mention the name twice and spells it out for me, ya hear!?

Oh, my. I've never said a word about Michael Savage except to object to Jacqui Smith banning him from entering the United Kingdom:

The British Home Secretary thinks that by making public the ban on Michael Savage she's "naming and shaming" him. But she's shaming only herself and her country.

Most American conservative pundits never spoke up in defense of Savage, but I did - again and again. 'Cause I'm a free-speech guy, whether it's for Charlie Hebdo or Michael Savage. And I'd do it again, next time he's banned - from Canada, Sweden or wherever. But what a strange, insecure fellow...

~My actual "PR agent", as Savage would say, is in fact too busy "pushing" me on other shows. I'll be spending much of today - Earth Day - plugging Climate Change: The Facts on the airwaves, starting with Brian Sussman on KSFO San Francisco just after 7am Pacific. I see that's Michael Savage's home station, so I do hope he hasn't had me blackballed.

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Chili and Frosty

I'm out and about on the airwaves talking up Climate Change: The Facts this week, starting this morning with Bill Bennett's Morning in America. You can hear the whole show here - I'm on for the last half-hour, but the whole thing's a fun listen, starting with a little Livy on Bill's "Latin Tuesday" feature. Bill and I talked about climate issues - he's very well up on Antarctic expeditions, Scott and Admundsen et al, but we also chewed over a little electoral politics re Hillary, and some relevant history re Eleanor Roosevelt.

~Later today I'll be checking in with Sean Hannity's radio show and Brian Lilley's new podcast on The Blaze. Full details in our On The Air box at top right.

~As for the official North American paperback of Climate Change: The Facts, we're launching it just in time for Earth Day tomorrow. You can pick up a personally autographed copy of Climate Change: The Facts direct from the SteynOnline bookstore - but, if you can live without my signature, you can order it direct from Amazon in print or digital format.

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A Se'nnight of Steyn, April 13-19

Mark will be out on the airwaves this week promoting the official North American launch of Climate Change: The Facts - just in time for Earth Day! More details below.

Meanwhile, in case you missed it, here's how the last seven days looked to Steyn:

~The week began with the amazingly inept - even by her own impressive standards - launch of the Hillary 2016 campaign. In honor of Mrs Clinton's official announcement of her regal progress toward Coronation Day, Mark reran some reader favorites from the Steyn archives - Clinton classics on the sex, the lies, and, er, the Masai tribal proverbs.

~On Monday, we continued our Sinatra centenary celebrations with the first big song of his recording career, "All Or Nothing At All", and his first American Number One, albeit with a Canadian song.

~Taking time off from suing Steyn for defamation, climate mullah Michael E Mann attempted to explain the near two-decade pause in global warming. He didn't do a very good job, as Mark was happy to point out on Tuesday. Ross McKitrick's demolition of Mann's "hockey stick" is one of the highlights of the aforementioned Climate Change: The Facts, by Steyn and some of the world's most eminent scientists and sharpest commentators.

~Wednesday saw our most-read piece of the week - Mark's response to the contemptible Garry Trudeau's appalling remarks about the victims of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, and the Danish Mohammed cartoons.

~On Thursday, Steyn was honored to be the first guest on a brand new show hosted by his favorite piano-playing imam, Andrew Lawton. Later he joined Hugh Hewitt and observed, with respect to the curious priorities of our time, that "we'll be talking about transgendered bathrooms when the mullahs nuke us".

~On Friday Steyn's favorite foreign minister, Australia's Julie Bishop, departed Canberra for meetings in Tehran - and landed looking a little different from the way Mark last saw her.

For our weekend movie date, Steyn marked the 75th birthday of Al Pacino.

As mentioned above, we're happy to announce the official North American paperback launch of Climate Change: The Facts, just in time for Earth Day. Mark will be swinging by some favorite hosts, including Bill Bennett south of the border, Brian Lilley north thereof, Joyce Kaufman on the East Coast and Brian Sussman on the West. Check for details of his appearances each day in the top right-hand corner of this page. You can pick up a personally autographed copy of the book direct from the SteynOnline bookstore - or if you're indifferent to Mark's scrawl you can order it direct from Amazon in print or digital format.

A new week at SteynOnline begins tonight with our Song of the Week.

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Guys and Dolls (and Transgendered Bathrooms...)

On my weekly appearance with Hugh Hewitt, we got to all the doom and gloom, but mein host began with a fellow singing "Luck Be A Lady":

HUGH HEWITT: It's Thursday. That means Mark Steyn. And it's always Stump Mark Steyn Day. Mark Steyn, do you recognize that voice..?

MARK STEYN: I'm on a very bad phone line, but don't tell me you're playing the Marlon Brando version.

HH: I am, because I went to Guys and Dolls for the first time last night. I've never seen the show, I've never seen the movie ...and all that anyone could tell me was how bad Marlon Brando was in the film.

MS: Well, Frank Sinatra was also in the film... ,You cast Frank Sinatra and Marlon Brando in a movie, and then you give all the songs to Marlon Brando. That's basically what they did with Guys And Dolls. And right to the end of his life, if you wanted to get a rise out of Frank, you could just go up to him and say 'Hey, you know, I thought Brando was pretty good in Guys And Dolls', and then just stand well back and listen to him lay it on you for the next 40 minutes.

In fairness, Frank Loesser, aware of the situation, wrote a delightful song called "Adelaide", and gave it to Sinatra to sing in the picture. Adelaide's dropped out of fashion as a girl's name, but it's worth bringing back just because you'd have one of the loveliest name songs ever written.

But then it was on to the doom and gloom:

HH: An Ohio man this afternoon trained with a terrorist group in Syria was charged today with returning to the United States with the goal of mounting an attack at home. They say Abdirahman Sheik Mohamud, 23, is a naturalized American citizen whose brother was killed fighting in Syria. He returned to the United States hoping to attack an American military facility, prison or hospital. So it's happening, Mark Steyn.

MS: Yeah, you can't have this number of people with Western passports going to Syria and Iraq and training, and not expect them then to return to the countries of which they're nominally citizens. I get a kick whenever I see these things saying 'Ohio man', or 'California man', or the rest of it, because clearly, at a certain level, they obtained their citizenship fraudulently - because U.S. citizenship tests are quite up front about asking, by requiring you to renounce any other foreign prince or potentate, and that certainly includes caliphs, the brand new caliph in the Middle East.... It's actually a far more sophisticated and advanced version of what was going on in Afghanistan in the 90s when the Taliban subcontracted large chunks of Afghanistan out to al Qaeda as their training camp. In this case, we've got an organization that holds a lot more territory, has a lot more money, has attracted thousands and thousands of citizens with Western passports - and then sent them all back to their countries. And according to the German police, it takes about 600 people to keep track of any one of these individual returning ISIS jihadists. So you can imagine the manpower you require to prevent every single one of these guys not getting through somewhere, sometime or other.

I accidentally added a zero to that number. In fact, the Germans figure it's 60 people you need to track each potential jihad boy. Canadian police aren't in disagreement about that. So this issue is consuming vast amounts of police resources - and good luck with the crime rate once the petty thieves and burglars and whatnot figure out the logic of that.

Later in the interview, Hugh asked me about all the presidential candidates traipsing through New Hampshire at the moment, but in fact they're all traipsing through his show. He's the New Hampshire Primary of talk radio, and his guest microphone is the audio equivalent of the pancake-flipping contest:

HH: Now here's my frustration. I talked with Lindsey Graham, and some of that got picked up, and I asked him the question which is are we more susceptible to a mass casualty 9/11 attack today than we were six and a half years ago, and he said absolutely, we are. At the same time that was going on, Jake Tapper asked Marco Rubio would he go to a gay wedding, and Marco Rubio said yes. Today, I'm going to ask Ted Cruz and Rick Santorum the same question, but in the context of what is more important – knowing if they'd go to the wedding, or whether they would destroy the Islamic State before they throw hundreds of more gay men from towers to their death. And I am guaranteeing you, because I already see it, we prerecorded those, the answer that Rick Santorum gives will get more attention than Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, all of them talking about terrorism. It's really an upside down world.

MS: Yeah... We've moved on from same sex weddings, where we're talking now about transgendered bathrooms. And I'm sure we'll be talking about transgendered bathrooms when the mullahs nuke us.

You can find the full interview here.

Next week, I'll be out and about promoting the official Earth Day release in North America of Climate Change: The Facts. We've been shipping out personally autographed copies for a couple of weeks as a SteynOnline exclusive, but starting next week you'll be able to get the paperback out in the wider world, too. It's already available in eBook format via Kindle, Nook or Kobo, so, wherever you are on the planet, you can be reading it in the next 90 seconds. But, as I said, the official launch is next week for Earth Day, so I'll be venturing onto the airwaves - as will my co-author Christopher Essex - and we'll keep you apprised of which shows and when.

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The Rebel and the Climate

If you were at Toronto's Metro Centre a couple of years back, you'll surely recall Andrew Lawton as my trusty on-stage imam in the warm-up to "My Sharia Amour" during the big Steynamite show. Alas, he's wearied of being my sidekick mullah and gone off to seek gainful employment at Ezra Levant's brand new Rebel Media. Today Andrew launched his own Rebel podcast, and all of us here wish him the very best with this new venture. I was honored to be asked by Andrew to be his first guest, and you can hear me talking about this and that, but also gamely plugging my contribution to the brand new book Climate Change: The Facts. Simply click below to listen - I turn up approx 43 minutes in, but there's lots of good stuff beforehand:

In the course of my chat with Andrew, I mentioned one of my co-authors on Climate Change: The Facts, Christopher Essex, who among other things is the Chairman of the World Federation of Scientists' Permanent Monitoring Panel on Climatology. Professor Essex was also out and about plugging our book today, and swung by The Bill Martinez Show. You can find the interview here - and it's a great listen.

There's lots of other good stuff in the book, too. I'm naturally drawn to some of the scientists who've paid a high price for speaking out against Michael E Mann and his fellow Warmanos - most recently Willie Soon, whom Dr Mann's mini-me Greg Laden has been trying to get fired; and Richard Lindzen, one of those targeted by the thuggish Congressman Grijalva of the House UnEnvironmental Activities Committee. Put together by my friends at Australia's Institute of Public Affairs, Climate Change: The Facts looks at the state of the climate debate in the broadest sense - the science, the policy and the politics - as we prepare to enter the third decade of the global-warming "pause". Inside, you'll find leading scientists and commentators from the US, UK, Canada and Oz, including among the scientists Patrick Michaels, Kesten Green, Jennifer Marohasy, Stewart Franks, John Abbot, J Scott Armstrong, Robert M Carter, Garth Paltridge, and Ian Plimer – writing on flawed IPCC models, the role of the sun, geological history and natural variability. Other contributors include economics experts Rupert Darwall, Ross McKitrick, and Alan Moran; plus Anthony Watts of the world's most-read climate website; former Chancellor of the Exchequer Nigel Lawson; science writers Jo Nova and Bernie Lewin; my old National Post comrade Donna Laframboise - and, for a bit of knockabout, me, Andrew Bolt, and James Delingpole. Climate Change: The Facts is full of good stuff that will help you push back against the climate mullahs. It's brimming with facts and arguments - which is the best riposte to insecure dweebs whose debating technique is to insist that no debate can be permitted to take place. Roger Kimball calls it "an antidote to climate-change hysteria", while Brandon Shollenberger huffs that "anyone whose work is included in this book should be embarrassed by how bad a book it is".

Climate Change: The Facts is available in eBook format from Amazon and all the usual outlets. But, for hardcore deniers interested in contributing to mass deforestation, you can order it in paperback direct from SteynOnline - and I'll be happy to autograph it for you. We're also offering the paperback as part of a special deal with our Steyn vs the Stick Big Climate Special, and with my latest book in our Undocumented and Unsettled special - part of my efforts to ensure I can continue propping up my end of the interminable Mann vs Steyn lawsuit for the three, four, seven years it's got left to run. (This seems as good a moment as ever to put it in a pitch for our SteynOnline gift certificates, too.)

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