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"This Guy is Bonkers!"

On my weekly appearance on The Hugh Hewitt Show, Hugh and I discussed President Obama's peculiar decision to commit America to a war it can only lose. From The Daily Caller:

HUGH HEWITT: Did you see..? Ramadi not only fell, but the Jihadists have pushed out something like 10 kilometers beyond that. It appears as though Baghdad is encircled.

MARK STEYN: Yeah, I mean, it's incredible... The United States adopted a strategy that cannot win - these desultory, ineffectual airstrikes. It cannot win. So it embarked on a war that it could only lose. So this time last year when ISIS took Mosul, that was when America's back was turned. Then America assembled this 60 nation coalition and ISIS took Ramadi. So, in other words, instead of just rampaging in to a barren bit of territory, ISIS will be able to claim they defeated the Great Satan. And insofar as anybody reverses ISIS, it's going to be Iran. And it's absolutely incredible to me that the global superpower has embarked on a strategy that can only ensure that it is perceived as having lost to a rag-tag bunch of head choppers.

HEWITT: And we have the juxtaposition of the president going to the Coast Guard Academy and lecturing those young officers to be that their — global warming is their #1 concern, and the Ayatollah Khamenei going to Iman Hussein Military University in Tehran to announce that inspections, they will not occur at any military center and we're not going to be allowed to talk to their nuclear scientists. The juxtaposition is amazing.

STEYN: One of these guys is living in the real world and dealing with reality, and the other isn't. And the president's words were actually — aside from the fact that they're completely preposterous, the president's words were just in the most ghastly bad taste - when he's telling these guys that the main challenge they're going to have to face in their careers is the threat of climate refugees when just this week, in the three days, four days since ISIS took Ramadi, there are 100,000 refugees streaming west toward Baghdad because of him! There's not going to be any climate change refugees! The climate change refugees at the moment: Zero. None. Zip. There aren't any. But there's 100,000 refugees streaming towards Baghdad to add to the millions who've come from Syria and Iraq, destabilized Jordan. In Libya, they're getting on boats and they're going toward Italy and Greece, and ISIS is putting little jihadist boys onto those boats so they can get to Italy and Greece and disperse through Europe. These are real refugees - and he's telling the United States Coast Guard that the main challenge of their careers is going to be climate refugees. This guy is bonkers. He's fiddling with the temperature data while Ramadi burns!

HEWITT: That is it. He's bonkers.

We also discussed the latest revelations on the Clinton front - the clandestine appointment of Sid Blumenthal as personal Counselor of State to Queen Hillary, and the reality that, while the American people will never know what was in her emails, anyone who matters in Beijing, Moscow and beyond certainly does:

HH: Mark Steyn, that's a disqualifying admission from the deputy director of the CIA. Every intelligence service worth their salt in the world has all 85,000 emails. They know what she said. She's subject to blackmail.

MS: Exactly, and it isn't very difficult. The Chinese, the Russians, and even friendly intelligence services know that people's vulnerability are where their private and public lives intersect, so that someone can have an impenetrable government email, but you might happen to catch them when they're on vacation in the Caribbean, and they're using a private email on the missus' laptop or something. And in effect, Hillary Clinton made all her emails vulnerable to the intelligence services, because she was, her concern was that, with the usual Clinton paranoia, that she didn't want anybody knowing what she and Sid and the rest of the gang were up to. So instead, the American people know nothing, but the Chinese, the Russians, and if we're lucky, a couple of friendly intelligence agencies, know every single thing she did on all those emails.

You can find the full transcript of our interview here, and some audio here.

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Cry Havoc! And Let Slip the Dogs of Warm...

I didn't quite believe it when I heard that America's commander-in-chief had addressed the graduating class of the Coast Guard Academy and delivered a speech about climate change. But it's true:

This brings me to the challenge I want to focus on today -- one where our Coast Guardsmen are already on the front lines, and that, perhaps more than any other, will shape your entire careers -- and that's the urgent need to combat and adapt to climate change.

What a bore this time of year is. There seems to be only a couple of topics the ever shrinking list of approved speakers get to talk about to America's youth. So Obama droned on about climate change and Mann-boosting hack Bill Nye the Science Guy discoursed on race. Maybe someone switched their speeches.

Over at The Washington Free Beacon, Aaron MacLean kept a cool head about the President's Warmageddon scenario:

In his parade of apocalyptic horribles that we will face or are facing as a result of global warming—a list that now includes the war in Syria—Obama remarked that, "It's estimated that a further increase in sea level of just one foot by the end of this century could cost our nation $200 billion." If the president is trying to scare people into action, he will have to do better than this. Federal expenditures for FY2014 were in the neighborhood of $3.5 trillion. That's for one year of government spending. So let's say that the president is lowballing the potential sea-level rise, and we can expect, say, a four foot increase in sea levels between now and 2100. (Every other warming-related apocalyptic prediction made over the last forty years has failed to come to pass, but work with me here.) Assuming a simple relationship between the rise in sea levels and the cost, that brings the expected damage up to $800 billion, which is still less than one-fourth of one year's federal budget today. Spread out over 85 years.

Obama's estimated tab for sea-level rise of $200 billion over 85 years works out per annum to (put on scary Dr Evil voice) two-and-a-third billion dollars - which is a rounding error in federal budgeting.

This part of the crappy sloughed-off boilerplate suggests the truly indestructible insulation of the Obama bunker:

Around the world, climate change increases the risk of instability and conflict. Rising seas are already swallowing low-lying lands, from Bangladesh to Pacific islands, forcing people from their homes. Caribbean islands and Central American coasts are vulnerable, as well. Globally, we could see a rise in climate change refugees. And I guarantee you the Coast Guard will have to respond.

"Globally, we could see a rise in climate change refugees": What - from zero to three? At the beginning of this week, Ramadi fell, and so far, from just one Iraqi city, 100,000 refugees have been sent fleeing westward to Baghdad. The implosion of the Middle East has driven millions of refugees everywhere from Jordan (where they're destabilizing the least worst Arab nation) to the shores of Italy and Greece.

And Obama hasn't let this vast refugee tide cut short a single golf game. Why should he take a mythical herd of sparkly unicorns fleeing climate change any more seriously? "I guarantee you the Coast Guard will" never "have to respond" to the President's climate-change refugee crisis. Not this century.

~The real tragedy is that these guys appear to be serious about it. Today's Tweet from the State Department:

As #climate changes, way we execute operations may be altered/constrained. @DeptofDefense#climateaction roadmap 2014

So with global warming we're going to lose wars more sweatily?

~As you know, along with Dr Willie Soon, Dr Richard Lindzen and other figures targeted by Obama's political allies, I'm a co-author of the new book Climate Change: The Facts. I'm glad to say Climate Change is doing rather well on the Climatology Hit Parade - although Michael E Mann's latest tome is nipping at our heels at Big Hit Sound #452,354. So, when I first heard Obama's warning to the Coast Guard cadets to be alert for "climate change", I confess I thought Dr Mann had tipped him off to our new book and the threat it poses to the Big Climate consensus:

As America's Maritime Guardian, you've pledged to remain always ready -- Semper Paratus -- ready for all threats. And Climate Change is one of those most severe threats... Climate Change will impact every country on the planet. No nation is immune.

That's true. We've shipped copies to Lithuania and Singapore and Vanuatu.

So I'm here today to say that Climate Change constitutes a serious threat to global security, an immediate risk to our national security. And make no mistake, it will impact how our military defends our country. And so we need to act -- and we need to act now...

Act now! Buy a copy of Mann's new book - before the hurricane of denialism sweeps you away!

If you see storm clouds gathering, or dangerous shoals ahead, you don't sit back and do nothing. You take action -- to protect your ship, to keep your crew safe. Anything less is negligence. It is a dereliction of duty. And so, too, with Climate Change. Denying it, or refusing to deal with it endangers our national security. It undermines the readiness of our forces... Wishful thinking in the face of all evidence to the contrary would set us on a course for disaster. If we are to meet this threat of Climate Change, we must be realists. We have to readjust the sails.

Yes!!! Help Dr Mann readjust his sales!!!!!

That's why confronting Climate Change is now a key pillar of American global leadership... the effects of Climate Change are so clearly upon us. It will shape how every one of our services plan, operate, train, equip, and protect their infrastructure, their capabilities, today and for the long term... All of which is why the Pentagon calls Climate Change a "threat multiplier"...

I certainly hope so.

~Later today I'll check in with Hugh Hewitt, live coast to coast at 6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific. Hope you can join me.

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"Are You Dumber Than a Box of Rocks?"

On Tuesday night I swung by the Hannity show on Fox News to chew over the latest revelations re Hillary Clinton, her simulacrum of a "presidential campaign", her phony "charitable foundation", her latest illegal private email account, etc, etc. Jeff Foxworthy, host of "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?", was also on the show, and I suggested to Sean that Hillary's campaign was a brand new series: "Are You Dumber Than A Box of Rocks?" - because that's what she's evidently figurea the American electorate for.

You can see the full interview here.

Over at Breitbart, Jeff Poor reported:

Steyn decried Clinton's pass from the media and suggested the candidacy of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) would be a refreshing change of pace.

"[Y]ou know, this is a joke and it is unbecoming," Steyn said. "I'm happy to see — I would love Elizabeth Warren to run, not because she's a socialist lunatic to my tastes, but she comes by her socialism honestly."

Well, reasonably honestly. As I put it a few weeks back:

Yes, Senator Fauxcahontas Crockagewea Warren's got her own scandal - in that she got hired as Harvard Law School's "first woman of color" on the basis of a dubious claim to be one thirty-second Cherokee and having contributed Cole Porter and the Duchess of Windsor's favorite crab dish from an upscale Manhattan restaurant to a cookbook of authentic tribal recipes.

Yet, with the benefit of hindsight, isn't that kind of a charmingly amateur, sweetly naive racket? It's a small-town home-cooked mom'n'pop racket compared to the 24/7 industrial-scale multinational Saud-kissing pedophile-jetting rackets of Clinton Global Mega-Racket Inc,

As I've said before, the overriding issue for me this electoral season is the corruption. Hillary has a contempt for the rules, a contempt for the law, a contempt for public accountability, transparency and open government, a contempt for the basic seemliness of official conduct in civilized societies - and a boundless appetite for cronyism, special favors, backroom deals, and protection of her associates when it comes to money, sex and everything else. The government she runs will be a sewer.

UPDATE: More from last night's appearance courtesy of The Daily Caller:

The Clinton Foundation has no other purpose... If you give $1 million to the Clinton Foundation because you're worried like Chelsea Clinton says about diarrhea in Africa, $60,000 of it goes to diarrhea in Africa, and $940,000 of it gets sluiced off toward keeping the big Clinton machine running.

~If you're wondering about the book Sean plugged at the top of the interview, it's Climate Change: The Facts, which features me along with Richard Lindzen, Willie Soon and other scientists the climate mullahs don't want you to hear from. It's been such a hit that Amazon are having difficulty keeping it in stock. But you can always order it direct from the SteynOnline bookstore, and I'll be happy to autograph it for you. If you can't wait for that, it can be yours in seconds via Kindle.

~Tomorrow, Thursday, I'll be keeping my weekly date with Hugh Hewitt live coast to coast at 6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific.

~Today is Everybody Draw Mohammed Day. We'll have a few thoughts on the occasion a little later.

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Buy George, He's Got It!

Tonight, Tuesday, I'll be joining Hannity on Fox News to discuss the latest revelations re designated President-in-Waiting Hillary Clinton. Hope you can tune in - 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific.

~On a related subject, a few days ago I gave my take on the George Stephanopoulos scandal:

Only under the peculiarities of America's mainstream media could you have an interviewer interviewing a man who has written a book disclosing the dodgy donations to the Clinton Foundation without the interviewer disclosing that he himself is a donor to the foundation.

It turns out it's worse than that:

For example, in his on air apology for this ethical mess, Stephanopoulos did not disclose that in 2006 he was a featured attendee and panel moderator at the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI).

He did not disclose that in 2007, he was a featured attendee at the CGI annual meeting, a gathering also attended by several individuals I report on in Clinton Cash, including mega Clinton Foundation donors Lucas Lundin, Frank Giustra, Frank Holmes, and Carlos Slim — individuals whose involvement with the Clintons I assumed he had invited me on his program to discuss.

Stephanopoulos did not disclose that he was a 2008 panelist at the CGI annual meeting which, once again, featured individuals I report on in the book, such as billionaire Clinton Foundation foreign donor Denis O'Brien.

ABC's most visible news employee did not disclose that in 2009, he served as a panel moderator at CGI's annual meeting, nor did he disclose that in 2010 and 2011, he was an official CGI member.

Stephanopoulos did not disclose that in 2013 and 2014, he and Chelsea Clinton served as CGI contest judges for awards, in part, underwritten by Laureate International Universities — a for-profit education company I report on in the book. Bill Clinton was on its payroll until his recent resignation.

Seventy-five grand in "donations" is nothing to Stephanopoulos. But the amount of time he has given the Clintons is far more valuable: He is lending them his reputation, and giving them his endorsement. He was a "member" of the Clinton Global Initiative - whatever that means, but let's take it at face value: it's equivalent to being a member of the Girl Scouts or the Elks or the Ladies' Aid Society or the Ku Klux Klan. How could neither he nor ABC not think this was something to be "disclosed"? Or, indeed, a disqualifying factor from conducting the interview in the first place?

And that's before you consider the ludicrous thrust of Stephanopoulos' interview: We can't trust Peter Schweizer on the Clintons because he worked for Bush for four months, says a man who's worked for the Clintons since he was in Third Grade.

So the entire Schweizer/Stephanopoulos interview was a fraud perpetrated on ABC's audience. Picture it the other way around:

Karl Rove is hired as an anchorman by ABC News. Whoa, you can stop right there. We're already in the realm of the fantastical, even though it is, objectively, exactly the same as hiring Stephanopoulos.

But Rove says not to worry, my partisan days are behind me. I'm strictly Mister Even-Handed Newsman now.

And then he spends ten years as a high-profile pitchman for the George W and Jeb Bush Foundation.

And, when he interviews some guy who's written a book on all the dodgy donations to the Jeb Bush Foundation, he doesn't mention that he's a member of it.

The only interesting question is whether ABC knew about all this, and colluded with Stephanopoulos in perpetrating a fraud on their audience.

As for Stephanopoulos' regret that he didn't go "the extra mile" in disclosure, the loyal Clinton flunkey didn't go the initial inch-and-a-half. At the very least, he should be dropped from all election coverage between now and November 2016. There's plenty of other stuff he could do - Kim'n' Kanye, Bruce transitioning - where his faithful service to his longtime benefactors is of less obvious advantage.

~In recent weeks, I've tiptoed nervously into areas that attract a colossal mailbag from hardcore nitpickers and pedant anoraks. My review of the terrible film of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy was one, and so was my celebration of the late Jack Kirby, co-creator of almost all the great Marvel superheroes. We'll try to run a selection of them in the days ahead, but I did think this missive made some interesting points - from reader Greg Nielsen:

Hi Mark,

Not to be a total nerd or anything but Kirby pretty much gave the world Thanos the new Avengers villain by accident over at DC. He made the villain Darkseid and the whole New Gods goofiness that pretty much has hijacked DC ever since. Marvel knowing that they had some real competition came up with Thanos who is basically Darkseid with a more fabulous fashion sense (everything at Marvel has always seemed a little more Batman-and-Robin than it should). He even went back to Marvel later and was the first guy to come up with The Falcon and Black Panther, which are of course Disney/Marvel's new big out when it comes to them trying to avoid being called out for trying to push the whole white cisgendered liberal male paradigm. They just somehow have to convince the enterprising sorta-young-by-director-standards minorities who made Selma and Dope to jump in on it. You know they can't really be typical Leftist racial bigots got some minorities in there to help them out. It's the ultimate in white-guy I-got-a black-friend cred. Their black friend is totally super.

So yeah, Jack was so much more than Stan Lee's Dean Martin to Jerry Lewis.

Oh and I agree about the superheroics to a certain extent but I think the real issue didn't start with Stan Lee as much as it did the people after him. Yeah, he only hired fellow political travelers but I doubt even he realized how far they would go. I doubt he thought they would quit writing to kids either and write comics solely to aging leftists and weird grad-school sex-scenester kids (LGBTABCEFG) to slowly diminishing returns propped up only by films and cartoons for children. In fact, if anything, that's the biggest knock on what superheroes have become. It's adults stealing the dreams of children to prop up their own sad fantasies. Sort of a good picture of the current Left in the world. Globalized and living off the young for the privilege of the few. Who'd a guessed there was so much in comics

Greg Nielsen

On that last point, I meant to say something a few months back when Archie (of all people) took a bullet for his gay best friend. Turning Green Lantern gay (or Green Arrow - I can never remember) and Superman anti-American and making Spider-Man black and Robin the Boy Wonder trans and Dr Strange Muslim is what the left in other circumstances would call "cultural appropriation". If these guys were to create Gay Lantern or Trans-Girl from scratch, nobody would care. Their only value is as established cultural icons from the pre-identity-group era, and their enforced conscription to the cause is an act of cultural vandalism.

~As you know, Climate Change: The Facts features me and some of the world's most eminent scientists on the state of the climate debate as the global-warming "pause" prepares to enter its third decade. It's a brisk seller, and alas, as fast as it comes in at Amazon, it sells out again. So don't forget you can always order it direct from the SteynOnline bookstore, and I'll be happy to autograph it for you.

Or, if you're really in a hurry, it can be yours within seconds via Kindle, Nook at Barnes & Noble, or Kobo at Indigo-Chapters in Canada and around the world.

And don't forget on June 11th and 12th, you can join me and my co-authors Anthony Watts, Willie Soon, Bob Carter and Alan Moran in Washington, DC for the Heartland Institute's 10th International Conference on Climate Change. For more information on the conference, see here.

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A Se'nnight of Steyn, May 11-17

In case you missed it, here's how the last seven days looked to Mark:

The big news of the week was that Vienna has installed "gay-friendly traffic lights". So, if you jump the lights, it's vehicular homophobia.

But, rather more prosaically, it began with UK election victor David Cameron putting together his second ministry. Steyn offered some historical perspective on a very disunited kingdom.

~On Monday, Mark celebrated one of the great songs of the Second World War, "I'll Be Seeing You".

~On Tuesday, in what became our most-read piece of the week, Steyn looked at higher education in Massachusetts, where "motherhood" is a social construct and "white college males" are a problem population.

~On his midweek visit with Toronto's Number One morning man John Oakley, Mark reflected on Elizabeth May, Canada's Green Party leader, working blue - and singing the praises of Omar Khadr, the murderer of a US Army medic and the pin-up of the Canadian left.

~On Thursday Steyn returned to The Hugh Hewitt Show to discuss George Stephanopoulos and his "charitable donations" to the Clinton "Foundation", Mark Halperin's sudden fascination with Hispanic culture, and King Hamid of Bahrain's urgent need to wash his hair.

~On Friday Mark shone the spotlight on another Sinatra centenary song, and a memorable Michelob commercial, "The Way You Look Tonight". He also marked the passing of the record company exec who wrote Frank's grooviest liner notes, the great Stan Cornyn, the man who made sleeve notes into an art form.

~For his weekend column, Steyn pondered Jeb Bush and The New York Times' plan to move Syria into Detroit - and see if anyone notices any difference. And with the new Avengers movie out in theaters he profiled the Marvel Comics artist who first conjured Thor, Iron-Man, Captain America et al into life, the legendary Jack Kirby.

On June 11th and 12th, Mark will be joining all the A-list deniers in Washington, DC for the Heartland Institute's 10th International Conference on Climate Change. For more information on the conference, see here. It's your chance to hear Steyn and some of his co-authors discuss the themes of their brand new book Climate Change: The Facts.

The book, meanwhile, is available at Amazon and elsewhere, and already the Number One bestseller on the Climatology Hit Parade - although Michael E Mann's new book is snapping at our heels at #300,795. Don't forget, you can always order Climate Change: The Facts direct from the SteynOnline bookstore - and get it personally autographed by Mark.

Or you can be reading it within 90 seconds via Kindle, Nook at Barnes & Noble, or Kobo at Indigo-Chapters in Canada and around the world.

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Rock City, The Casbah

When I first saw this New York Times headline - "Let Syrians Settle Detroit" - I confess I misconstrued it as a proposal to let the post-industrial dystopia's fate be settled by some grand Hunger Games proxy war fought by Iran-backed thugs with chemical weapons and blood-soaked ISIS armies full of gung-ho western jihadists. But no, the Times wants to move bazillions of Syrian refugees in to revitalize the Motor City, and thereby, as Tim Blair's droll headline suggests, turn Motown into Motown:

Arab-Americans are already a vibrant and successful presence in the Detroit metropolitan area.

I think that's a very subtle reference to Dearborn.

A 2003 survey by the University of Michigan of 1,016 members of this community (58 percent of whom were Christian, and 42 percent Muslim) found that 19 percent were entrepreneurs and that the median household income was $50,000 to $75,000 per year.

What confidence can we have that traumatized war refugees can be transformed into budding American entrepreneurs? We cannot know for sure. But recent evidence of recaptured children from the clutches of the Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda and victims of violent crime across five continents reveals that they become more active citizens than similar compatriots who have not suffered from these traumatic events.

What a fascinating study. If that's how you make "active" citizens, let's drop the entire student body of Oberlin in the middle of Somalia and see what they're like when they get back.

Nevertheless, at least one Republican candidate was proposing this idea two years before the Times. Mark Krikorian writes:

In 2013 Jeb Bush called for admitting more immigrants to "repopulate" Detroit:

'It just seems to me that maybe if you open up our doors in a fair way and unleashed the spirit of peoples' hard work, Detroit could become in really short order, one of the great American cities again. Now it would look different, it wouldn't be Polish...But it would be just as powerful, just as exciting, just as dynamic. And that's what immigration does and to be fearful of this, it just seems bizarre to me.'

This wasn't a one-time thing. A couple months later he said again, responding to an immigrant questioner, 'I think Detroit would do real well if we started repopulating it with young, aspirational people, people like yourself.'

Jeb Bush is running as this season's calm, reassuring, won't frighten-the-horses candidate who'll suck up all the money that might otherwise go to wild'n'crazy frothing loons like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Rick Perry, Ben Carson, or whoever. Why, he's such a normal, reasonable chap he's even hot for action on "climate change". Can't get more normal than that, can you?

And yet he has some of the weirdest ideas of any candidate. It was often said of his brother that, to compensate for his preppy Waspy Connecticut Kennebunk blueblood background, he became exaggeratedly Texan, to the derangement of the left. Jeb seems to have taken it to a whole other level, and become exaggeratedly multicultural and, indeed, on his wilder shores, post-American. Aside from that business of self-identifying as "Hispanic" on his government paperwork, there seems to be a broader psychological impulse at play. David Frum:

Jeb Bush's enthusiasm for immigration, even when the immigrants are unskilled, even if they break the law, goes so deep that he even sometimes ventures to suggest that the personal characteristics of immigrants are to be preferred over those of the native-born. Here for example is an informal Jeb Bush speaking to a friendly interviewer, National Review's Jay Nordlinger, early in 2014. "If we're going to grow at 4% a year, we have to have young, aspiring people be able to create dynamic activity. And we can't do that with our existing demographics."

Bush seems to have something more in mind than just the the familiar (if overstated) claim that immigration can counter the aging of the population. He seems to think that there is some quality in the immigrants themselves that is more enterprising—more dynamic to use his favorite term—than native-born Americans. This is not only a positive judgment on the immigrants themselves. It is also a negative judgment on native-born Americans.

That judgment is not always unwarranted, as in the case of the Democrat/union/welfare/race-huckster axis that has totaled Detroit. But, if you regard remorseless mass immigration as an existential threat to advanced societies, this doesn't seem to be one of those issues on which Jeb seems likely to triangulate. A man who wants to Islamize Detroit because it's worked out so well in Dearborn would seem an odd choice even for the Stupid Party.

~On the subject of ethnic tensions, I wrote the other day about the post-election Disunited Kingdom, where Scotland, Ulster and Wales are going their own way, but the English are obliged to keep being British. Reader Jim Gibson responds:

At the risk of constructing a strained analogy (and respecting your general aversion toward the Beatles), it seems to me that England's position in the Union might be a bit like that of Paul McCartney in 1970. He kept that group together when the other three wanted to leave, coaxing them back into something that they had pretty much given up on. In the end, though, Sir Paul was the one who dropped the ax, broke up the group, and got the headlines (much to John's expected chagrin).

So maybe England will go that way – suddenly releasing its own self-titled album in a big publicity-splash – or maybe not. Whatever the case, maybe a post-British England will come up with "Live and Let Die." But it might just end up handing us "Give Ireland Back to the Irish" instead.

Give England Back To The English? What do you reckon? If England is Paul, is Scotland George and Ireland John? Wales is definitely Ringo.

Alternatively, if the United Kingdom is an Abbey Road album cover, why is England barefoot?

~In a couple of weeks' time, I'll be partying with all the A-list deniers in Washington, DC for the Heartland Institute's 10th International Conference on Climate Change. Poor old Michael E Mann's hashtag generator has fallen as flaccid as his hockey stick of late, but surely this will inspire him to new heights: #KochScaifeDenialMachine-a-palooza! For more information on the conference, see here.

I'll be there with Anthony Watts, Bob Carter and othe co-authors of the brand new book Climate Change: The Facts. It's available at Amazon and elsewhere, but you can always order it direct from the SteynOnline bookstore - and get it personally autographed by yours truly. Or you can be reading it within 90 seconds via Kindle, Nook at Barnes & Noble, or Kobo at Indigo-Chapters in Canada and around the world. We're currently the Number One bestseller on the Climatology Hit Parade, but Michael E Mann's new book is out of the gate and already snapping at our heels at #218,224.

It's already driving Doctor Fraudpants to new heights of derangement. Is it just me or is Mann becoming even loonier in his Nobel-winning peer-reviewed pronouncements? Here's how he describes the democratically elected Government of Australia:

Murdoch puppet govt. foiled

Remind me to ask for his current medications when we're in discovery.

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Latin Lessons and Greeks Bearing Gifts

My weekly date with Hugh Hewitt was a zippy romp through the news of the day, starting with the revelation that the shady, shifty, murky donors to the Clinton Foundation include not only Ukrainian oligarchs, Saudi princes and sinister foreign governments, but also contraception awareness-raiser George Stephanopoulos:

HUGH HEWITT: Mark, I'm going to start with the George Stephanopoulos story, and I am not surprised that George Stephanopoulos gave money to the Clinton Foundation. I do not know what all the yelling is about. But there is a lot of yelling. What do you make of this?

MARK STEYN: Well, I'm not surprised, either. He's been a Clinton man since he was out of short pants. And he then went into a very successful media career with ABC... At the time he left the White House to join ABC, we were assured that he could become an objective journalist, and he was putting aside the Clinton phase of his life. And now it turns out that the Clinton phase of his life has continued, and so he's been making donations to the Clinton Foundation. And so we are in the absurd situation... only under the peculiarities of America's mainstream media could you have an interviewer interviewing a man who has written a book disclosing the dodgy donations to the Clinton Foundation without the interviewer disclosing that he himself is a donor to the foundation... I don't mind what people do with their money. I just think they should be up front about it.

HH: Yeah, the Schweizer interview is the single misstep here, because I, you know, I don't care what people do with their money, either. If I interview Tom Cotton, people need to know I've contributed to Cotton many times over the course of my career. And I'll continue...

MS: Right, but you're very up front about that, Hugh.

HH: Yes.

MS: You're up front about who you support, and who you advise your listeners to donate to. George Stephanopoulos purports to be something closer to the media equivalent of a Supreme Court justice, that he is dispassionate and simply distributes media justice fairly. And that's the difference... One of the signs of decay in free societies and civilized societies is that you have the outward signs of apparent normalcy, but in fact, their meaning has been utterly hollowed out. So when you talk about the Schweizer interview, if you were just a casual... low information voter, as someone says, and you switch on ABC and you happen to see this interviewer interviewing a fellow who's written a book about the Clintons, you assume it's an honest interview. And this is not an honest interview any more than that was an honest question four years ago in New Hampshire. And that's the issue. You've got the forms of normalcy, but underneath, all has been perverted.

After a comparison of the Israeli, British and US elections, Hugh's inner optimist came out:

HH: This is my optimist coming to the fore. I think it's possible to beat Hillary Clinton, although the Electoral College is a heavy handicap on the Republicans, because she doesn't have the first African-American president momentum behind her. She doesn't have the touch that Obama has. She may be the worst major party candidate in modern times, don't you think?

MS: Well, that's what they said about John Kerry, but he got more votes than any other Democrat had ever got ever in the history of lousy Democrat candidates.

We also touched on Mark Halperin's celebrated "Are you really Hispanic? Could you do the Mexican Hat Dance for me? Can you say "Lucy, choo got some 'splaining to do' in an amusing accent?" interview of Ted Cruz. Expect a lot more of this from the court eunuchs of the Democrat media as the months go by: Cruz and Rubio aren't real Hispanics, Ben Carson isn't a real African-American, Carly Fiorina isn't a real woman, Jeb Bush isn't a real Bush, etc, etc. My advice to the guys is to mix it up a little:

MS: Well, yeah, I thought the Halperin interview was interesting. He shrugged it off. You know, I'm always surprised to discover Ted Cruz is Hispanic, because I think of him as a Canadian.

HH: (laughing)

MS: So I think his answer to favorite food should have been poutine, and his favorite music should have been Celine Dion.

After a word about Rand Paul and the media, and Ben Carson and foreign policy, we concluded with the President's summit with himself:

HH: None of the Sunni Arabs showed up at the President's party at Camp David. Do you think that he's done, the President's sole diplomatic achievement is bringing the Israelis and the Saudis together?

MS: Yeah, and the Gulf monarchs. I mean, King Hamad of Bahrain skipped this summit in order to go to the Royal Windsor Horse Show with Queen Elizabeth. That's basically the diplomatic version of 'I'm washing my hair'.

You can find the full interview here.

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Traffic Light on Your Loafers

One small step for a gay pedestrian, one giant leap for gaykind:

Vienna Installs Gay-Themed Traffic Lights Ahead Of Eurovision 2015

Because of last year's Eurovision victory by Austria's bearded lady, Conchita Wurst, Vienna is hosting this year's competition and is anxious to show its best face:

Vienna has introduced gay-themed traffic lights in preparation for this month's Eurovision contest, aiming to present the city as open-minded. Supporters also say the changes could improve road safety, attracting the attention of drivers.

But don't brake too suddenly to admire the gay traffic lights or you could get rear-en... oh, never mind.

AFP has actual video of the "gay-friendly" lights (as opposed to the old, intolerant homophobic traffic lights) in action here.

Waiting till the lights change is totally gay.

~Alas, it will be a long time before gay pedestrians are given the green light in the Gambia:

Gambian President Yahya Jammeh threatened the country's homosexuals in a recent speech, telling them: "I will slit your throat." Addressing an audience last week in the town of Farafeni as part of a nationwide tour, Jammeh said, "If you are a man and want to marry another man in this country and we catch you, no one will ever set eyes on you again, and no white person can do anything about it..."

About 95 percent of the country's population is Muslim...

You don't say. In the newly expanded eBook edition of Mark Steyn's Passing Parade, I point out that, according to the Vienna Institute of Demography, by mid-century a majority of Austrians under 15 will be Muslim. I wonder how many gay traffic lights they'll have then.

But enough of the internal contradictions of the diversity quilt. Islamic strongman Jammeh says he's never seen a gay turkey. Well, he would if the Gambia had more touring productions of Sondhei... oh, never mind.

In 2013, he questioned why he had never seen a "homosexual chicken, or turkey" in a statement in parliament: "Homosexuality is anti-god, anti-human, and anti-civilization. Homosexuals are not welcome in the Gambia. If we catch you, you will regret why you are born. I have buffaloes from South Africa and Brazil and they never date each other."

Maybe not, but it'd make a helluva Viennese traffic light.

~According to Amnesty International, the Gambia's National Intelligence Agency claims to have a "device" it can insert into your bottom to determine your orientation. Hmm. Lacking such cutting-edge technology, Oxford University is forced to rely on more primitive means of final adjudication. So its rugby players will be obliged to ace "anti-sexism class" before they're permitted to play in this year's Cuppers Final.

Laura Rosen Cohen calls this "a gradual process of castration": a sustained effort to harass and hector the last redoubts of masculine culture into getting with the program, from the campaign to replace Britain's "lad culture" with "good lads" - ie, the usual new-male eunuchs willing to stand in the street, glassy-eyed and smiling, while holding up approved slogans - "A Good Lad ...understands that feminism isn't a dirty word" - to the politically correct US Army ordering its men to "walk a mile in her shoes". Objections to the latter led to one of the great headlines of our time, from The Washington Post:

Army To Review Decision To Have Male Cadets Wear High Heels

That's an early frontrunner for this year's Epitaphs for the Republic competition.

The Gambian government makes gay men learn the Koran. The US Army makes straight men march down the street in red high heels. And we think the Gambian guy's weird.

~I'll be back on the radio Thursday for my weekly date with Hugh Hewitt, live coast to coast at 6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific.

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"Maybe One Day You Will Become Prime Minister..."

Today I started the day with Canada's Number One morning man John Oakley. We discussed two apparent victims of "sleep deprivation" - Elizabeth May, leader of Canada's Green Party, and Omar Khadr, the murderer of US Special Forces medic Christopher Speer. After being re-"patriated" from Gitmo to Canada, Omar is now out of gaol and the darling of the deranged Dominion's leftie establishment. As Ms May declared to the world, "Omar Khadr has more class than the entire f*cking cabinet."

I reminded John of a Canadian Prime Minister's words to one of Omar's brothers not so long ago: "Once I was the son of a farmer, and I became Prime Minister. Maybe one day you will become one." That particular PM-in-waiting got blown up in a Pakistani firefight, but maybe Jean just picked the wrong sibling.

We also chewed over some delicious Gitmo baklava. Click below to listen:

~Tomorrow, Thursday, I'll be keeping my weekly date with Hugh Hewitt, live coast to coast at 6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific.

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"Problem Populations", Here and There

Just another day in the American academy:

Saida Grundy is an incoming assistant professor of sociology and African-American studies at Boston University who identifies as a "feminist sociologist of race and ethnicity," according to her bio on the school's website.

Her tweets started to go viral after they were noticed by the website

Like this one:

why is white america so reluctant to identify white college males as a problem population?

And this:

every mlk week I commit myself to not spending a dime in white-owned businesses, and every year I find it nearly impossible

Weird. Who'd have thought it'd be that difficult to find a Korean grocery store?

I'm not unsympathetic to this one:

can we just call st patrick's day the white people's kwanzaa that it is? this is not a thing in actual ireland. its completely made up

"Incoming assistant professor of sociology and African-American studies" is not a thing in actual universities. It's completely made up. Albeit not as much fun as "McNamara's Band".

Also from the Greater Boston Area:

Time To Rethink Our Social Construct Of Motherhood

This is no mere incoming assistant professor of sociology, but the President of Smith College. My old friend John Podhoretz responds:

The president of Smith College wrote this sentence: "Motherhood is a cultural invention." So long, humankind.

I think he means, "So long, mankind." Unless they've gotten to John, too.

One of the few things I take issue with Tom Wolfe over was his confidence, around the time he was visiting colleges to research I Am Charlotte Simmons, that students force-fed political correctness just sat metaphorically rolling their eyes for four years and then got on with their lives. I don't think so. The damage done is real and profound. The first peddlers of this hooey had at least had the benefit of a real education themselves: Somewhere deep down they knew enough to know they were burning down their own inheritance. But look at that picture of young "Professor" Grundy: This is all she knows and all she's ever known.

Time to rethink our social construct of education.

~A word on the British election:

Yes, it's always fun to stick it to the pollsters and the media and especially Russell Milibrand (as I shall ever think of him). Characteristically myopic headline from my old newspaper, The Independent, just a week or two back:

Russell Brand interviewing Ed Miliband was the most authentic moment of the election so far.
Was it even (whisper it) exciting?

Only to you. Maybe you need to get out of the house more.

It would be churlish to deny oneself the pleasure of hooting at the politico-media establishment, but, when that's done, this is a deeply unhealthy electoral result. The Conservatives won because Labour got wiped out in Scotland and the Liberals got wiped out in England. But the reality is that, for a supposedly United Kingdom, the country no longer has any national political party. England and Scotland have taken on the characteristics of Northern Ireland - hermetically sealed polities full of weird, unlovely regional parties ("SNP", "Conservative", "Labour") that have no meaning once you cross the border, and whose internal disputes are of no relevance to the other three-quarters of the kingdom: Nobody outside Ulster cares about "official" Unionists vs the more red-blooded Democratic Unionists. And so it goes with the Scots Nats and Labour in Scotland: nationalist socialists vs unionist socialists; Likewise, with the Tories and UKIP in England: transnationalist conservatives vs nationalist conservatives.

Wales is the exception that proves the rule, where UKIP outpolled Plaid Cymru, albeit with no seats to show for it. The Scottish National Party got 4.7 per cent of the UK vote, and 56 seats. UKIP had nearly thrice as many voters - 12.6 per cent - but only one seat. That discrepancy is because there is no longer any such thing as "the UK vote". I far prefer the Westminster first-past-the-post system to European "proportional representation", but it only works if you have genuinely national parties. If the system decays into four groups of regional parties, the House of Commons will look less and less like a genuine national parliament, and more and more like some surly conditional arrangement - Scottish Kurds, Tory Shia and seething Labour Sunni triangles.

The composition of the new house would strike any mid-20th century Briton as freakish and unsettling. It's a bit like Canada in the Nineties - where Reform couldn't break out of the west, the Bloc Québécois dominated Quebec, the rump Tories clung on in the Atlantic provinces, and Ontario and a few seats hither and yon gave the Liberals their majority. The difference is that the Bloquistes are pretend separatists; the Scottish National Party are not.

And that's before you take into account the competing nationalist dynamics of the Anglo-Scottish victors: secession from the UK north of the border and detachment from the EU south. Cameron is a wily operator and one notices he uses the words "United Kingdom" far more than his predecessors. But saying will not make it so.

~Tomorrow I'll be back with Toronto's Number One morning man John Oakley live on AM640 at 8.30am Eastern. Hope you'll swing by.

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